New information from Galaxy S23 series The images attributed to the frames of this series show that we should probably see a model of this family with the suffix Pro instead of Plus.

Apparently releasing images of new protective cases Samsung Galaxy S23has led to disagreements among fans, especially regarding the design of the Galaxy S23 Ultra phones.

Cases have been planned for each model in this series, but new information has been released about the Galaxy S23 series, including one with an apparently incorrect label. Galaxy S23 Pro Instead Galaxy S23 Plus Is. Because before this, we were supposed to welcome the unveiling of this series in early 2023 with this name.

A well-known leakster named Ice universe has shared images of a new series of protective cases allegedly for the Samsung Galaxy S23 series, and it seems that at least two things have caught the attention of fans, which have been the subject of much discussion.

These cases are for Galaxy S23, Galaxy S23 Ultra and Galaxy S23 Pro They are, although this leaker has already clarified that the “S23 Pro” case is a misnomer and is actually for the S23 Plus.

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New information from the Galaxy S23 series

The apparently good news is that the protective part of the main rear camera equipment seems to be almost flush with the smartphone’s frame, which suggests that the camera bumps of the Samsung Galaxy S23 series will not be too large.

Given that the Galaxy S23 Ultra is apparently coming with a camera module equipped with a five-sensor arrangement, to accommodate all of its components, which includes a 200 megapixel sensor Also, a big bump would have been needed, and that would have been a major design disaster for Samsung.

New information from the Galaxy S23 series

But depending on that The final version of the Galaxy S23 Ultra What it’s really supposed to be, again, there may still be a design disaster for this model. Many have already been drawn to this phone because the upcoming flagship is very similar to the S22 Ultra model.

However, this phone could have a more modern and refreshing look with a boxy and smoother design. But as seen in the pictures of the protective frame, it seems that according to Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra case This phone will have the same rounded corners that are probably found in the standard S23 and Pro models.

New information from the Galaxy S23 series

However, Galaxy S23 Ultra case It actually has straight outer edges, where the bezels of the other two S23 smartphones have rounded edges to match the rounded corner paper inside their bezels. Although at the top edge of the Ultra frame the paper appears to fit nicely into the rounded corners, the bottom left does not, showing a gap between the rounded corner of the paper and the straight corner of the frame.

While the shape of the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra’s corners won’t matter much to many, it clearly does matter to those expecting a flagship smartphone with straight, flat corners.

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