With Horizon series, this popular game will step from the game world to the world of serials. The series is set to be made by Netflix and released on its own platform.

Sony announced a few weeks ago that it is officially working on a new TV series in collaboration with Netflix based on the Horizon game franchise. In recent years, Horizon has quickly become one of the most recognizable features of PlayStation, and both Horizon Zero Dawn and Horizon Forbidden West have achieved commercial success this year. Now Sony has provided new details of the Horizon series to the fans of this game.

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Making Horizon series

According to Jeff Grubb of Giant Bomb, the Horizon TV series runs parallel to the world of video game fiction. The series is apparently called Horizon 2074 and sheds light on some of the events before the fall of humanity.

For those unfamiliar with Horizon, the story seen in video games is hundreds of years after a catastrophic event that destroys much of life on Earth. Assuming the series actually takes place sometime in 2074, it probably chronicles the events before the franchise’s protagonist, Aloy, reaches the end of the line.

Assuming that this report from Grubb is accurate, it makes sense that for some reason this is the focus of Horizon TV. To begin with, Horizon TV will allow the new Netflix series, as a side story intertwined with the main storyline, to further brighten the game and its story world. In addition, it also allows Guerrilla Games to tell the story of Aloy alone in future video games that may arise.

Horizon series

While the title of the third version of Horizon has not yet been announced, given that the Forbidden West version has been a great success in the market, it looks like the series will have a good future ahead.

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