The head of Tehran’s Nasr Commission considered the internet outage to be the result of exclusive thinking and said that this issue caused Increasing migration of startups has been to marginal countries.

Babazadeh, the head of the Tehran Internet of Things Commission Increasing migration of startups He says that the definite arrival of the Internet and Internet restrictions have not been a source of disappointment for startups, and this disappointment encourages them to go to neighboring countries such as the UAE, Iraq and Turkey to continue their activities.

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Increasing migration of startups to neighboring countries

According to Rozbe Babazadeh Internet outage It has caused all the efforts of Internet of Things startups to disappear, and this is happening while Iran’s neighboring countries have rolled out a red carpet for them. He said about the increase in migration of startups working in the field of Internet of Things: “This issue has caused many companies and startups to migrate.”

Nasr Tehran says about the increase in the migration of startups as a result of the internet outage
Increasing migration of startups

According to him: “Countries like the UAE, Iraq and Turkey willingly attract Iranian companies with a red carpet and offer them special services. Now, let the government say, where does the country that wanted to be the first in the region in terms of intelligence stand?”

According to Babazadeh, some companies have migrated to Oman and UAE in the current situation of the country. Babazadeh pointed to the migration of a company operating in the field of transportation to Iraq and said: “The situation in Iraq is definitely better than Iran.”

Chairman of the commission Internet of Things Nasr Tehran He said about the setback in the smart industry: “In this direction, building the trust of customers in the future will be the most important challenge in this field. It should be noted that in these two months, some businesses in the field of Internet of Things have completely disappeared.”

According to Babazadeh, two groups were the most affected in this matter and explained: “The group whose platform servers were abroad and also the group who represented foreign platforms or used foreign platforms, their business was destroyed.”

Rozbeh Babazadeh about Consequences of Internet outages He spoke and said: “In the first few days of the cellular internet (mobile internet) outage in the evenings, IoT businesses, especially in the areas of connected transportation and smart irrigation systems that use SIM cards for communication, were completely disrupted. Even domestic platforms could not be used due to the complete shutdown of the internet in the early days and these businesses suffered serious damage.” He further added:

“Hardware producer or importer groups, platform service provider software groups and solution provider groups. IoT businesses operate on a service delivery basis.

‚ÄúThese businesses have IoT platforms that provide platform services; such as fleet management systems, smart agriculture systems, smart health systems, smart homes and various types of smart systems. These businesses earn money based on the service provided.”

According to Babazadeh Damages due to outages and internet disruptions It is not only material, but more important is the trust that has been lost, and the lost trust of customers in smart systems must also be restored.

The head of the Internet of Things Commission said that these customers determine the entry of businesses into internal platforms.

“The experience of the past years in the country has shown that the market is not formed by order. “With the internet outage, customer trust is lost and it’s difficult to even maintain it, let alone encourage them to be on domestic platforms.”

He says the industry Intelligence in Iran It is a newly formed and emerging industry and the companies and startups that operate in this field have always tried to encourage customers and businesses to use the services of this technology.

He also reacted to the words of the government spokesperson who said that the Internet is not cut off and that only Instagram and WhatsApp are filtered and said: “In addition to these two platforms, a number of others have already been filtered, are they not counted?” How long is the date of friends? “Tell us so that businesses can be prepared for the next business tsunami.”

Babazadeh further explained: “Unfortunately, due to stubbornness to remove an application from the Android store, the entire Google platform was filtered, the sites through which programmers updated their tools were filtered. It should be noted that replacing platforms is not that simple and Iranian platforms are not as big as foreign platforms. Platforms such as Amazon and Microsoft Azure are among the most famous platforms of the Internet of Things, which we do not have even a hundredth of examples in the country. “Unfortunately, everyone in the world except Iran uses popular platforms.” Babazadeh said:

“The Internet of Things has shot the last bullet on the half-life body of the nascent Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence industry in the country. Since 2016, very bad and unprofessional laws have been approved in the field of Internet of Things to destroy the smart industry, and these approvals are still continuing.”

He also pointed to Nasr Tehran’s efforts to change the current situation and said: “Tehran province’s computer trade union organization held many meetings with various institutions in the past days. We tried to note that the built-in platform does not have the stability and other basic requirements. “Unfortunately, during these events, only a monopoly has been created for some special collections, and they have not done anything fundamental and will not do anything.”

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