According to Mohammad Mutshar’i, Internet and external platforms It has nothing to do with national security and imposing restrictions on it is against the public interests of the people.

Board member of Nasr Tehran emphasizes that people’s daily income and livelihood depend on the Internet and social networks, and the Internet and social networks are not detrimental to national interests. Regarding this issue, a legal scholar says that the continuation of the current trend of the Internet has no benefit and does not guarantee national security and people’s livelihood.

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Internet and external platforms

Mohammad Mutsharai, a member of the board of directors and the head of the store mechanized cash registers commission, stated in an interview with the organization’s public relations that the decisions made by the government are sometimes against public interests. In this regard, he says:

Internet and social networks will not harm national interests. It seems that there is a big gap between the mentality of some decision makers and the reality of society and what is going on in the lives of people and businesses.

Internet and external platforms

According to the opinion of the jurists, imposing restrictions on the use of Cyberspace And the Internet, which is an excuse to cover up the weakness of the government and its decisions, will be an excuse worse than a sin. In this regard, he says:

When the livelihood of many people in the society depends on the Internet Social Networks It has a serious and ongoing dependency and we are disrupting this tool, sending the message to millions of people that, contrary to the daily slogans of supporting businesses, this issue is not that important.

A legislator believes that the current situation has targeted the elite and young human resources of information technology. He said:

Regardless of who planned the current events of the society, the current situation has marked the elite and young human capital of the information technology industry. Many of these elites and talented forces who decide to emigrate from the country can no longer be dissuaded by any argument. They say that hope is dead.

In the continuation of his speech, he emphasized that the continuation of the current process has no benefit and does not guarantee national security and people’s livelihood.

The head of the shop mechanized cash registers commission regarding solving the problems in Internet disruption and outage and referring to Nasr Organization’s follow-up, they stated:

In several meetings held during this period, the dimensions of the current dangerous situation have been examined. Although we sent the obtained expert opinions along with the technical documentation to the relevant authorities, we have not received a clear answer so far.

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