My document system will be unveiled soon. This issue has received a lot of attention on social media and has been widely reflected. Stay tuned for more on this.

The “Sandman” system of the information technology unit of the Registrars and Clerks Association was officially unveiled in the presence of Hassan Babaei, head of the State Property and Deeds Registration Organization, and Ali Khandani, head of the Registrars and Clerks Association. In order to use its capacities in the field of information technology and to create new values ​​for notaries, the Association of Notaries and Clerks has provided the necessary technical infrastructure for the development of electronic services in the field of notaries in the last two years.

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The head of the Association of Clerks and Clerks of the Judiciary announced the launch of the “My Document” system.

My document system will be unveiled soon; Document registration without attending the office

In order to use its capacities and with the aim of creating new values ​​for notaries, the Association of Notaries and Clerks has provided the necessary technical infrastructure for the development of electronic services in the field of notaries in the last two years. It is a necessary platform for providing all in-person and online services by notaries.

This system is designed to facilitate and expedite the provision of official registration services to the public and reduce face-to-face visits and in some cases eliminate this face-to-face visit to receive services, which was produced this year under the name “My Document”. On the other hand, there are notaries and associations of notaries and clerks.

Ali Khandani said in a press conference on Sunday:

Good steps have been taken in the intelligence debate in the judiciary. Activities in this regard have also been carried out in the Registrar Association. Proceedings, which are a judicial matter, are also conducted electronically. A very strong data center has been prepared in this regard in the Registrar Association and we are fully prepared to provide services to the judiciary in this regard.

The possibility that no one would be present at the office and the document would be registered in his name was impossible. But with the launch of this document, you only need to attend for the last step and register your fingerprint and signature. Anyone who wants to visit the official teacher’s offices can use this system to communicate with the offices virtually.

He continued:

Normally, a person has to go to the office several times, which saves money, money and time with this system. The task of setting the document is not a shutdown vector. In the time of Corona, we had to pair and individualize the working days of the offices, which will continue with this system and in case of such conditions. Prevent violations from other results of my document system. This system will be piloted in two provinces and will be active throughout the country by the end of the month. It has been 5 months since we started scanning the offices and we have made 70% progress in this field and we are trying to finish the scanning of documents in the offices by the end of the year.

Important achievements of my document system include “saving time to prepare an official document”, “reducing city trips and fulfilling social responsibility for reducing pollution and traffic, saving fuel consumption, especially in metropolitan areas”, the possibility of providing services Continuous and stable in the specific conditions of the country such as the corona period, “eliminating physical copying of documents and significant savings in the use of paper” “Importantly,” he said, promoting the human dignity of notaries.

What are the features of my document system?

With the facilities of this system and if the relevant legal conditions are provided, it is possible to prepare documents without the presence of clients in the office by maintaining the current administrative structures of notaries and through electronic authentication and electronic signature. Other features include the following:

  • 1) The possibility of requesting the preparation of an official document and sending the required documents
  • 2) Location and possibility of searching offices on the map
  • 3) Find the nearest office
  • 4) Ability to display offices with work traffic status
  • 5) Free copyright ceiling
  • 6) Request and make a photocopy equal to the original
  • 7) Ability to schedule appointments or free consultation
  • 8) Possibility of filing electronic complaints from notaries
  • 9) Ability to follow and be informed of the latest status of the document

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