Instagram story is one of the most attractive features of this application; But watching the story of some people is not so pleasant. Fortunately, there is a solution for Mute Instagram story There is. In continuation with How to mute Instagram stories Join us.

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Instagram story is one of the most popular features of this program, which can be used to communicate effectively with others. As you know, the most important feature of Instagram stories is that they are only displayed for 24 hours and after this time, they will disappear. However, some users don’t want to see other people’s stories.

For example, let’s say that one of your friends and colleagues posts so many stories on Instagram that it becomes almost annoying. It might be rude to unfollow that person on Instagram. Fortunately, there is a way to solve this problem.

To fix this problem, you can easily mute their Instagram story to avoid seeing that person’s stories. The most important feature that hiding stories on Instagram gives you is that you can continue your relationship with that person and not only see their stories.

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Mute Instagram story

You probably all have friends who post stories anytime and anywhere. If they go to a concert, they will write a story about every moment of the concert, and if they spend even a normal day with their family, they will not forget to write a story. You don’t have to see all the stories of these people. Because by learning how to mute Instagram stories, you can get rid of annoying stories.

Mute Instagram story
Mute Instagram story

On the other hand, you can view other people’s stories even without them noticing. To know about this, you can visit Seeing Instagram stories without understanding hit.

How to hide other people’s stories on Instagram

The first step in learning how to mute an Instagram story is that your audience must first have a story on Instagram. After finding his name at the top of the main page of Instagram, hold your finger on the desired contact’s profile. Then two options will be displayed for you.

These options include Mute and View Profile. The way to hide someone else’s story on Instagram is to select the Mute option and tap on the Mute Story option. So easily! Now you will be relieved from seeing that person’s stories.

Mute Instagram story
How to hide other people’s stories on Instagram

Deactivate the Instagram story

Now suppose that due to distraction, you have muted the story of one of your friends and acquaintances. If you want to see their story again, you need to find the option to unmute Instagram. To do this, just repeat the above steps and select Unmute instead of Mute. By doing this, you can easily watch the other person’s story like the first day.

Important tips about learning how to mute an Instagram story

The stories you mute can be seen at the end of the top bar of the feed, i.e. the end of the stories. As you know, all new stories that people post have a colored bar around them. After muting the story of each person on Instagram, this colored bar will no longer be seen around his story.

Also, after you mute someone’s Instagram story, that person’s stories won’t open automatically. Because as you know, all Instagram stories open completely automatically and if you click on the first story, you can go to all stories without tapping the screen. This does not apply to muted stories. But you know that the person in front of you is posting a story. Only they don’t automatically open for you.

Mute Instagram story
How to mute Instagram stories

Note that muting someone’s story on Instagram does not mean unfollowing him. You can still easily see the other person’s posts and they will be displayed in the feed section of your phone. The only difference between the two is that you don’t just see their story.

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Does anyone notice that I muted their story?

You might be wondering that after muting each person’s Instagram story, will they know that I muted their story or not? Your answer is negative. It is only possible that this person, after posting a story, will take a look at the people who have watched his story. That way, he’ll know that you’re the only one who hasn’t seen his story. However, it will never notice that you have muted your story. So no one will notice that you have muted your Instagram story.

How to hide your story from others?

Suppose you are going to post a story and you don’t want one of your friends or family to see it. To do this, just follow the steps below.

Mute Instagram story
How to mute Instagram stories

The first thing you have to do to do this is, after opening the Instagram app, go to your profile section and tap on the three horizontal lines in the upper corner. Note that this option is also called the hamburger section and if you hear this name somewhere, be aware of this. Then click on the Settings option and find the Privacy section. Then go to the story section and find the Hide Story From option.

After selecting this option, the list of your followers will be displayed, where you have to select the audience you don’t want to watch your story. Finally, click on the Done option to complete your work. Now you can leave a story easily without worrying about the judgmental eyes of your intended people.

Note that hiding your story from others is very different from blocking them. After hiding your story, your target audience can still see your posts and captions and even comment on your posts. The only difference is that they can’t see your stories.

Mute Instagram story

How to mute personal messages on Instagram?

To do this, after opening Instagram, enter the Direct section located in the upper right corner. This option is displayed with a rocket icon. After going to the direct section and finding your chat and the desired person, enter the chat and click on his profile at the top of the page.

In this section, you can find and select Mute messages or Mute call notifications options. The first option allows you to hide the messages of the other person and even if he sends you a message, you will not know. In addition, you can hold your finger on the person’s chat page and view and select the mentioned options before entering the person’s chat page, and you will not need to enter their chat.

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Mute or unmute a person through the profile

If you want to mute or unmute someone through their profile, you must first enter the profile of the person you want. To do this, you can either enter through a post in your feed or his story, or you can even search for his name in your followers section.

Mute Instagram story
Mute Instagram story

After finding the other person’s profile, click on the following option located under the information and bio. In this section, you will see several options and among them, select the Mute option. Then you will come across two options to mute posts and stories.

Then you can mute the other person’s posts and stories easily. You can do the same to remove any person’s post or story from mute. But this time, instead of the Mute option, you will see the Unmute option.

last word

In this article from Tekrato, we have provided you with information about muting Instagram stories. It is good to know that how to hide other people’s stories on Instagram has been added to this application in 2018.

So, if you also want to use this feature in your Instagram story, it is better to read it carefully first. Note that using the mentioned features to mute other people’s stories and hide your story from others will help you make your account more personal.

Frequently asked questions

How to hide other people’s stories on Instagram?

One of these methods is to keep your hand on the other person’s story and select the option to mute the story. You also have the possibility to do this easily through your profile and even directly. So if you want to mute a personal story, do it now.

How to hide your Instagram story from others?

To hide your story from others on Instagram, you can do this from the settings section and from the other person’s profile. To do this, go to settings and Privacy section and select Hide Story From option. Finally, you can select the list of all the people you want to hide your story from.

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