Today Musk’s meaningful entrance into Twitter HQ with a bathroom sink In a short time, it became one of the trends of social networks. But what is the story? Can it be said that before the final signing, Elon Musk bought Toyer?

Although the final contract has not been signed yet, it is evident from the evidence Elon Musk bought Twitter And ended its news controversies.

After much back-and-forth between Musk and the Twitter board, it appears that Purchase of Twitter by Elon Musk reaches its final stages.

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Elon Musk bought Twitter; Entering the head office with a sink!

Elon Musk bought Twitter;  Entering the head office with a sink!
Elon Musk bought Twitter; Entering the head office with a sink!

On April 16 this year, news was published that Elon Musk has bought 9.2% of Twitter shares And this is how he became a member of the board of directors of this social network giant. After this, there were many conflicts between him and Twitter shareholders over the issues that led to the full offer Buying Twitter by the richest person in the world became.

In April, Elon canceled an initial deal to buy Twitter for $44 billion, and the decision led to a lawsuit between it and Twitter. But He made his offer to buy Twitter again on October 12.

Although the news related to the purchase of Twitter by Musk and his regret for this deal were reflected in various media of the world for a long time, but according to the latest reports, he told his sponsors that Twitter purchase agreement It will be closed until Friday, October 28. This news was published 21 days after that Owner of SpaceX and Starlink publicly extended the offer to buy Twitter.

Hours earlier, after updating his bio profile to “Chief TwitHe pointed to the company’s chief executive and, by publishing a post, metaphorically showed that he now owns Twitter. He shared a video on his Twitter account showing bA sink goes into Twitter’s headquartersconfirmed this issue.

Musk wrote in the caption of this video. “Entering Twitter HQ – let that sink in!”

Reports indicate that Musk is planning to significantly reduce the workforce of this social network. Musk is supposed to increase the number of Twitter employees from 7,000 employees to 2,500 people. That means 75% of Twitter employees will be laid off.

Although this news has not yet been officially published, it seems that now this social network should be documented in the name of the richest man in the world. Elon Musk’s Twitter read.

Elon Musk bought Twitter and now we have to wait to see what the new owner of Twitter will bring to this social network.

Your opinion about Purchase of Twitter by Elon Musk What is? Do you think that with the presence of this genius of the technology world, Twitter’s performance will improve more than before?

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