One of the representatives of the Islamic Council expressed concern about the possibility of occurrence A new wave of economic protests According to the economic conditions of the country, this situation should be managed.

The Chairman of the Economic Commission of the Parliament has warned about the continuation of the economic and livelihood problems of the people and the increase in the exchange rate, cars and basic consumer goods and said that the possibility of A new wave of economic protests It is not unlikely. He says:

I also agree with the subject of the question that you believe that the basis and root of many people’s protests and dissatisfaction is in the field of economy and livelihood, and recent surveys show that a major part of what caused the protests and complaints and criticisms against the pillars of the system It is tied to economic and livelihood problems and even its concrete examples could be seen.

He told Ilna: “I went to East Azarbaijan province and Benab city for a field visit three weeks ago, so they gave me a report on the state of the city and said that everyone is busy with work in this city. It is interesting that the sign at the entrance of the city is very busy.” Bozor wrote: “For the city of effort, work and struggle”. They told me that there are so many people involved in work here that we have a shortage of labor and they come from other cities and provinces to work here, because it is the export hub of the region and they do a lot of work in the agricultural and export sector.

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MP’s concern about the new wave of economic protests

The representative of Kerman added: “That afternoon, we went to visit the imam of Juma Shahr and asked about the situation of riots. He told me that people are just working here, we don’t have a single case of riots or slogan writing.” I want to say that this city and our visit to Bonab city are concrete examples that protests and disturbances are rooted in economic issues, of course, there may be issues in the field of cultural and social issues, but most of the issue comes back to the economy. The Chairman of the Economic Committee of the Parliament further stated:

The actions that the government and the parliament should take to solve these problems are the capacities that should be used, and I believe that it is possible to solve some issues with these current capacities. For example, in the field of automobiles, the government’s actions could have been better than what is being done now, all the issues raised in this field and even in the discussion of the minister’s impeachment were an important part of the criticism of the representatives in this field. My words do not negate the efforts and efforts of the ministers and the economic team of the government, but there are problems in this area that cannot be ignored for any reason.

MP's concern about the new wave of economic protests;  We have to manage this!
MP’s concern about the new wave of economic protests

He clarified: “I also agree with you that we should work more than in the past in these areas, which are the major and fundamental problems of the people. The enemy has counted on our mistakes more than counting on his own ability to destroy the Islamic Republic of Iran. And he stands very firmly to be able to take advantage of this space.” Referring to the currency problems, Pourabrahimi noted:

Now, the new wave that we are predicting is riding on new economic protests, which we must manage so that it does not arise; The same debates that exist regarding currency issues and can cause tension, from our point of view, can definitely be managed and a large part of it can be controlled.

He added: “All the elements of the system should help. Of course, we will be at the service of the government and the elements of the government in order to provide support, but we will also announce the contents that are in the field of criticism and expert solutions and may be contrary to the opinion of the government. It is also natural and it is not like we follow whatever the government says; Therefore, we must enter carefully and solve the problems, most of which can be solved with the current capacities, so that the level of people’s dissatisfaction will decrease.

In response to the question, the chairman of the economic committee of the parliament said that “people see that countries like Iraq and Syria, which had wars and were and are in a state of war, do not have the same conditions as ours for the fall in the value of their national currency. What are the factors and roots of this issue?” : Our country has very special economic characteristics, maybe other countries do not have this environment and this approach that we are analyzing and these conditions, so the analysis of Iran’s economy is appropriate to its own conditions. He continued:

What exists in Syria and other countries is because the way of applying their legal capacities is different, there a decision that is made is the basis for the action of all executive capacities in their country and it is not that they do not implement it or say that the conditions The country is like this and it cannot be, that is, they have a different atmosphere compared to what we see in the executive atmosphere of our own country.

The representative of the people of Kerman added: “Another issue is that our economy has been greatly affected by the exchange rate difference due to its own special conditions. If we want to manage the exchange rate in the country, the attack that comes against our economy is not all economic. When you ask about the relationship between inflation and changes in the value of the national currency, well, this is a completely classic relationship, and this relationship can be scientifically analyzed in any other country. But in our country, the attack and the effect of psychological atmosphere is far more than the real atmosphere”. He added:

For example, now if we compare the relationship between inflation and devaluation of the national currency assuming that there are no sanctions, basically the numbers of the value of our currency with the dollar and the euro are not what they are now, but they exist in the real world. You cannot interpret this with economic interpretation, which is the logical relationship of economic equations and economic components.

MP's concern about the new wave of economic protests;  We have to manage this!
A new wave of economic protests

Poura Brahimi further stated: “A psychological atmosphere prevails over a current, on the other hand, a heavy attack on the field of economic issues due to the existing sanctions goes hand in hand to make the result like this.” Remember that no country has been attacked by sanctions as much as the Islamic Republic of Iran in the history of the world economy. If one-tenth of these sanctions are applied to many other countries, their economy will collapse. The Islamic Republic is moving with this atmosphere, with this attack and this psychological effect; Therefore, the type of behavior and the type of attack cannot be compared.”

The Chairman of the Parliament’s Economic Commission pointed out the methods of currency allocation in the country and expressed:

On the other hand, the relation of specialized arrangements is not comparable, of course, there have been problems and errors in this area that we could have avoided part of the costs that people have to bear. For example, decisions such as the exchange rate of 4,200 Tomans were wrong, and no economic expert accepted this, and in the 1400 elections, all candidates from all factions said that it was a mistake, so the mistakes caused heavy costs.

He said: We believe that, God willing, with the cooperation that has happened between the parliament and the government, along with the reduction of errors in the field of expertise, we will be able to create positive events for the country’s economy and people’s livelihood.

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What is your opinion regarding the MP’s concern about the new wave of economic protests? In your opinion, what is the cause of the new wave of economic protests? Share your thoughts with us.

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