One of the Twitter users in his latest tweet Displacement of 226 billion Shiba Ino Ban released anonymous wallets. Whales are distributing capital.

According to a Twitter user named @shibaplay_, in the last 24 hours there have been two large Shiba Ino transactions, in each of which around 100 billion Shiba Ino tokens have been moved.

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Displacement of 226 billion Shiba Ino

Shiba Ino has recently launched a payment gateway for credit cards. You can use this portal to pay for the service subscription Netflix And buy goods from Amazon used.

The @shibaplay_ account also reported Shiba Inu transfers worth $1,221,947 and $1,049,707. In one of these transactions, 121,829,226,162 tokens were transferred and in another transaction, 104,656,752,200 tokens were transferred.

Moving 226 billion Shiba Ino between anonymous wallets!

Shiba Ino’s $226 billion move Among Anonymous wallets This is not Shiba Ino’s first heavy transaction. According to the Ehterscan data, it can be assumed that the Shiba Inu whales were redistributing their capital. About $120 billion Shiba Inu It has been compromised during recent transfers.

Cooperation between Shiba Ino and FCF Pay

Shiba Ino has become the company’s credit card payment option, according to a report on the Twitter account of crypto payment gateway FCF Pay. Previously, users were only able to cash out their assets using stablecoins.

FCF Pay Twitter account In the past, it announced that users can use Shiba Ino currency to access Amazon products and purchase Netflix subscriptions.

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