In the meeting of the Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution, it was mentioned that during the last five years and the registration of 331 patents, the country of IranThe fourth invention of the world has assigned

In today’s meeting Supreme Council for Cultural Revolution It was announced that Iran has made significant progress in the field of publishing scientific articles, and in 2001 it was ranked 57th in the world. Fourth has climbed Also, by registering 331 international patents, 27% or A quarter of the world’s inventions has made it his own.

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A quarter of the world’s inventions are named after Iranians

In this meeting, the members of the Supreme Revolutionary Council congratulated the book and reading week and it was further stated that in 1400, 112,000 books were published in the country, which led to the first rank of book publishing in the region, and that is a sign of They knew the level of people’s interest in books and reading.

Various topics were discussed in this meeting as well Document of the Science and Technology Development Headquarters in Nano Field was also approved. The establishment of this headquarters was approved by the Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution in 2015 and has grown significantly in the nano field in the past 16 years. The document that was approved by the members in today’s meeting addressed the indicators related to the significant increase of nano products in national production and was prioritized to operate in the fields of energy, health, agriculture, water, environment and construction.

According to statistics, since 1387, the number of products has increased from 11 to 1266 products in 1401, and the amount of turnover that businesses have had in this way has been 20,280 million tomans.

Also, in today’s meeting, the qualifications of Dr. Hamidreza Tayibi, Dr. Abdul Hossein Shahvardi, and Dr. Kivan Majidzadeh were examined and approved by the members to become real members of the Academic Jihad Board of Trustees.

In addition to the three mentioned, The new vice president for science and technology He was also added as a legal member to the members of the Board of Trustees of Academic Jihad.

Another measure that the members of the Cultural Revolution Council took in today’s meeting was to confirm the membership of Dr. Mohammad Ali Mohaghegh and Dr. Seyed Hassan Emami in the Board of Trustees of the Academy, which was proposed by the President of the Academy of Medical Sciences.

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