According to statistics released by Shibalnuart, more than 19,000 plots of land in Shiba Inu Metavars have been purchased by users. According to the website, a total of 100,595 plots of land are available in Shiba Inu Metavers.

Mr. Ticket

In the first phase, of the 36,431 plots offered, 32,124 plots were sold. Some plots remain closed and not offered for sale because there are public areas or hubs for public movements in the meta-space.

Shiba Inoue’s Metavars team recently made changes to the characters of Marcie Jastrow and Sherri Cuono in May.

Shiva Inou Metavars (SHIB)

Switchere, Estonia’s leading exchange, listed Shiba Inu tokens such as SHIB, LEASH and BONE with a few weeks delay. The Breitling luxury watch brand also accepted payment in cryptocurrencies, including Shiba Ino. Payment operations will be done through the BitPay payment processor.

More than 19,000 plots of land were sold in Metavers Shiba Ino

CoinBase has officially added Sheiba Ino and six other new cryptocurrencies to its list of assets. This gives merchants and regular users more payment options.

Shiba Inou Metavars team announced in the official post of its blog that it will stop the operation after multiplying 230 million BONE tokens. This is to protect the remaining 20 million tokens for Shibarium validators. With the approval of the new proposals, the total supply of Bone tokens will remain 250 million units. Shiba Inu holders continue to grow despite the current price reduction. According to WhaleStats, the total number of SHIB token holders is currently 1188601. At the time of writing, Shiba Inu is down 10 percent to $ 0.0000098.

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