ZachXBT, famous blockchain detective, details Monkey Drainer scam published Monkey Drainer stole about $1 million from four wallet addresses.

About one million dollars of capital from Four crypto wallets has been stolen According to published reports, some of these addresses, such as monkey-drainer.eth, belong to Monkey Drainer, a well-known financial market hacker. Chainabuse published a long list of victim accounts.

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Monkey Drainer scam details

A phishing scammer nicknamed Monkey Drainer has stolen around $1 million in Ethereum through dubios copycat mint websites.

ZachXBT, a well-known blockchain detective, was one of the first to spot this suspicious activity. On October 26, he published the details of the Monkey Drainer scam. ZachXBT added in this regard:

In the last 24 hours, about 700 Ethereum (worth $1 million) have been stolen by Monkey Drainer, a famous phishing scam. The thief’s wallet has made about 7,300 transactions after a few months of operation.

Monkey Drainer scam;  The famous hacker stole 1 million dollars!

ZachXBT added: “The two biggest victims of the past day are accounts 0x02a and 0x626. “Victims have lost a total of about $370,000 from signing transactions on malicious phishing sites.”

Publish a list of cryptocurrency scams

Blockchain fraud researcher claimed that Monkey Drainer stole more than $3.5 million in the long run. The number of attacks carried out by this famous hacker is increasing day by day. Fraudsters in phishing schemes try to build websites similar to authentic projects. These people deceive users by offering exciting opportunities.

Four addresses associated with the Monkey Drainer identity, including the monkey-drainer.eth address, have come to ZachXBT’s attention. Network security company Chainabuse published a long list of reports related to airdrop scams, NFT and phishing attacks after searching for these addresses on the blockchain.

These reports include the Astrobot Society airdrop scam report, the Wolf fake game, the Bored Ape Yacht Club fake market police, and the Aptos airdrop.

The Web3 security community Wallet Guard also responded to ZachXBT’s Twitter thread. In this regard, Wallet Guard said: “Several established mints are linked to Monkey Drainer. Among these centers, Garbage Friends phishing website can be mentioned.

ZachXBT Over the past few years, he has become an independent researcher in the field of blockchain. He has revealed many suspicious behaviors in the blockchain field.

France’s National Cyber ​​Vice President Christophe Durand earlier this month praised ZachXBT’s efforts in tracking $2.5 million worth of NFT phishing scams.

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