According to the Minister of Economy, during the recent unrest Fixed internet was never interrupted. Also, the Minister of Communications, according to this claim, from Failure to provide a compensation package for Internet users Sabet spoke, which was mentioned several times before!

Fixed internet was never interrupted. this word Minister of Communications In connection with the non-providing of a compensation package for internet users, he fixed it. Zarepour believes that due to the fact that the fixed internet was always connected during the protests and the mobile internet was cut off, therefore Compensation package for fixed internet users Not considered.

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According to the Minister of Communications, fixed internet was never interrupted

Minister of Communications He declared during the recent unrest, never Fixed internet It has not been discontinued and has only been limited to two platforms. Therefore, the compensation package is not considered for its subscribers.

disorder and Internet limitations Since the beginning of October, people faced various challenges. These restrictions violate the rights of many Subscribers of Internet operators became, because they have paid the internet fee, on which it is not possible to access the widely used platforms.

Fixed internet was never interrupted

The same thing made the regulator to promise the time to use Mobile internet packages It will be extended after the internet restrictions are lifted and the conditions of the country become normal. Although a month has passed since this promise, it has not yet been fulfilled.

“Isa Zarepour” Minister of Communications and Information Technology In response to Fars’s question that by announcing a compensation package for mobile Internetis the compensation package for Fixed internet will also be provided? said:

Fixed internet has never been interrupted. During this period, fixed internet has always been open without restrictions; Of course, apart from the limitation that those two platforms (WhatsApp and Instagram) had.

According to him, since the fixed internet was never interrupted during this period, there is no news of a compensation package either.

Fixed internet was never interrupted

Wave Filtering In the past month, it removed popular games and platforms from the reach of fixed and mobile internet subscribers in the country. The important point is here Instagram Usually, users account for a large part of the Internet consumption volume.

Dissatisfaction with Fixed internet can be seen even in the financial statements of one of the fixed internet providers. October financial report Asiatech which was published in Kodal, shows that the company’s income has decreased by about 16% compared to the summer.

It should be said that the promise was made a few months ago Ministry of Communications To compensate the damage caused to some Internet subscribers by the telecommunications company, it has not yet been implemented. On August 11 of this year, after the fire of the optical fiber telecommunication pool and widespread disruption in the Internet, the Ministry of Communications announced that this company should Damages caused to subscribers to compensate

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