Samsung Display is building Samsung’s OLED panel for supply to automakers. It seems that the company intends to expand the scope of its products.

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According to reports, Samsung has reached an agreement with BMW to supply several million OLED screens for cars to the German company. Under the agreement, Samsung Display is required to provide OLED panels for BMW models that will enter mass production from 2024 onwards. Recent news suggests that the company will launch its OLED panels for a plan to produce four million BMW vehicles over a six- to seven-year period.

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The new BMW car will be equipped with Samsung OLED panel!

In recent days, sources have announced that Samsung’s display production division is ready to launch OLED panels for a “high-end sedan.” But it seems that this agreement and cooperation is not only related to the two companies BMW and Samsung, and we may see cooperation between Samsung and Audi in the near future. Samsung OLED panels will be manufactured at the Giheung plant, and with the participation of large customers such as BMW, Samsung Display seems to have more hope of reducing its distance from the LG Display.

The new BMW car will be equipped with Samsung OLED panel!

In addition to BMW, Samsung also plans to launch products for other European automakers, including Audi. Last year, Samsung introduced OLED panels for the Hyundai Ioniq 5. Meanwhile, Samsung is supplying electric vehicle parts, including batteries and chipsets, to various automakers, and the company is apparently considering building its own electric vehicle.

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