Many countries have supported Ukraine since the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. There are reports of an increase in Russian cyber-attacks on these countries.

Microsoft has published reports of Russian cyber-attacks on pro-Ukrainian countries. According to the report, Russian hackers have attacked parts of government systems such as think tanks, aid groups, etc., which may have important information about the war.

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Increasing Russian cyber attacks

A report released by Microsoft shows the names of 100 organizations outside Ukraine, which correspond to 42 different countries. The attacks, which target more than 60 percent of NATO and US members, have been identified by Microsoft.

According to Microsoft, 29% of these attacks were successful, causing a quarter of an organization’s information to be stolen. But hackers are more focused on Poland because it is a bridge to military and humanitarian aid to Ukraine.

Since the start of the Ukraine war, only Estonia has survived cyber-attacks by Russian hackers. Microsoft attributes this to the use of cloud services; Cloud services make it easier to identify hackers and hackers.

Before the war, the digital infrastructure of the public sector of Ukraine was located on servers that were physically inside the country. Ukraine realized the vulnerabilities this information could pose and attempted to transfer digital operations and important data to the cloud hosted by data centers across Europe. The same smart and fast move by Ukraine in data protection was renewed by Microsoft.

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