The University of Tokyo will soon offer Metaverse courses. This project has been launched in order to solve the shortage of skilled personnel in the field of developing technologies.

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The University of Tokyo, also known as Todai, is going to hold a wide range of study programs related to the Metaverse later this year.

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Offering metaverse courses on Todai

According to the local news agency Asahi Shimbun on Saturday, Metaverse courses will be held for high school students and adult students. The aim of this course is to prepare students for the job market.

The Asahi Shimbun newspaper claimed that Metaverse academic programs will not be offered through the technology’s dedicated faculty. These courses are offered under the supervision of the Faculty of Engineering and Faculty of Graduate Studies related to Engineering. Students who complete the courses will receive a certificate of participation in the course.

Metaverse courses have been offered at the University of Tokyo

The purpose of providing Metaverse courses at the University of Tokyo is to solve the shortage of skilled personnel in the field of “digital transformation” and “advanced technologies”. Tokyo University officials also emphasized that studying in Metaverse creates a situation where anyone, regardless of age, gender, social status, and region of residence, can acquire the necessary skills in the field of engineering and information science in these courses.

The field of cryptocurrencies and non-monogamous tokens (NFT) is not specifically mentioned in the University of Tokyo program. Considering that these areas are related to metaverse, these topics will probably be discussed in the metaverse courses of the University of Tokyo.

High school students in Metaverse courses will learn an introductory view of space, a roadmap for finding careers in engineering, science, and other related fields. University students and people currently in the workforce will be taught skills such as entrepreneurship and communication technology through online courses focused on artificial intelligence (AI).

Currently, few Japanese women are studying engineering. One of the main goals of providing Metaverse courses at the University of Tokyo will be to attract more women and strengthen the female workforce in the field of engineering and technology.

In recent months, several Metaverse programs have been launched in Japan. Local citizens of this country are aware of the applications of this technology. On Monday, Japan Today reported that a Fukuoka-based support group called JACFA has set up a virtual support room on the SecondLife metaverse platform. The group focuses exclusively on Hikkikomori people (isolated people who basically refuse to leave their homes).

The problem of isolation and introversion is a big social issue in Japan. The goal of Metaverse will be to provide services and first aid without pressure and forcing the physical presence of these people in medical centers. In April, it was reported that 3,800 students from a total of 29 business schools in the fields of sports, technology, beauty, hospitality, etc., under the NSG College League in Niigata, held the 2022 commencement ceremony at Metaverse. The event was held virtually due to the prevention of COVID-19.

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