Metavars Starlink Launched. STARL which is called Starlink (Starlink) is also known as a new space-themed transformation game. Stay tuned to Tekrato for more information on Rajab Starlink.

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Starlink or STARL is a decentralized meta-network project Atrium It aims to integrate the concepts of the digital world with the crypto economy. Like Star Atlas, Starl is a space-themed blockchain game. Traveling to the galaxy has been a human dream for centuries, and despite the fact that decades have passed since the first human journey into space, the motivation and desire to discover, learn and see beyond the sky is still a dream for many people. The developers of Starl believe that Metavers can break this roof.

Metavars Starlink

As the name implies, the STARL Metavers deals with infinite space. While the project is still incomplete, the initial release, released earlier this month, allows users to navigate to a part of the game described as the Warp Nexus. In this section, they can test the flight of a spacecraft and fly around the world. Warp Nexus is the first game released on STARL and allows players to participate in a variety of activities in addition to flying in infinite space. Items that include: extraction, transportation of goods, buying and selling goods with other users and fighting, if they choose.

Metavars Starlink
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In a classic game experience, players must fight the Warp Nexus space pirates, and if they succeed, they will face more powerful pirates in the next round. To improve the situation, the whole game with the help of the powerful “Epic Games” engine (Epic GamesCreated under the name “Unreal Engine”, which allows them to experience beautiful images.

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