Simultaneously with the start of work of the 21st camp in Razavi Khorasan, rumors have been raised about the establishment of men’s guidance patrols in Mashhad along with the inconspicuous hijab patrol.

It was at the end of June of this year that the 21-Tir camp officially started its work in Khorasan-Razavi province. By communicating the indicators of chastity and hijab to the executive bodies and monitoring their implementation, this camp tries to follow up the improvement of hijab and chastity in the institutions until the 21st of July, which is officially known as the Day of Chastity and Hijab. In the meantime, rumors about the men’s guidance patrol in Mashhad have caused reactions.

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Men’s guidance tour in Mashhad

Men's guidance tour in Mashhad;  Any person can be subject to bad coverage!

According to what is mentioned in the text of the camp on 21st of July, “Chastity is divided into chastity in look, chastity in speech, chastity in movements and surroundings, chastity in association, chastity in chastity and chastity in covering, and the hijab for women includes features in the veil and It is mask, mantle, pants, socks, shoes and color of clothes.

But for men, “cravats, bow ties, other western symbols, t-shirts, tight and short shirts, revealing and patched clothes, gold and jewelry, pants with zippers should never be used.” It seems that the responsibility of dealing with this department is going to be assigned to a department called Men’s Guidance Patrol in Mashhad.

According to the notification of this camp, some cases are shared between men and women. For example, using unauthorized and uncovered images in cyberspace for profile pictures, employing women in positions and posts for men, employing male secretaries and office managers for male managers and female managers for female managers are among these cases. A female secretary with a veil is also an example of a crime.

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The implementation process of the Hijab invisible patrol plan

Mehdi Rezaei, the secretary of the headquarters for good and forbidding Khorasan Razavi, said in connection with the implementation process of the project that based on Mashhad’s neighborhoods and geographical demarcation, 108 teams of 3 people from the beginning to the end of the office hours, examined places within their geographical boundaries. they give.

After about 2 weeks of implementation of this project, more than 760 places in Mashhad have been visited and according to the observations, significant progress has been made. The managers of the devices also cooperated well, but in limited cases, tensions also arose. Mr. Rezaei added:

Our effort is to advance the work with the least consequences and our forces are justified in this field. Our evaluators are not supposed to warn people in any way, and if any indicator is not observed by the personnel of the collection or others when the inspectors visit the devices, they will simply note the matter and send it to the device manager in the form of a confidential letter.

He also emphasized that it is not his and his colleagues’ duty to deal with these issues and that it is the responsibility of the institutions. If there are inappropriate interactions at the community level, it is not a good thing or a bad thing on the part of the staff, and some people may have felt responsible. Rezaei also added:

In the visits made until the end of last week, there were a total of 35 cases of violations, which were sent confidentially to the manager of the devices to take the necessary action.

Our activities are aimed at increasing the supervisory scope of the managers of the devices and helping them, and basically this field has nothing to do with us, and our duty is only to count and report the indicators.

Men's guidance tour in Mashhad;  Any person can be subject to bad coverage!

In another part of his speech, Mr. Rezaei emphasized the existence of standard coverage standards in all parts of the world! He said that naturally, every person who works in the Islamic Republic and receives a salary must follow the guidelines and indicators in their clothing and behavior. In response to a question about the implementation process and the geographical and operational scope of this project, the secretary of the headquarters of the command for good and forbidding Khorasan Razavi said:

All places including clinics, pharmacies, offices, organizations, banks, government counter offices, etc. are visited; There is no problem in providing human resources for inspectors and evaluators, and if needed, we can increase these 108 teams.

Mr. Rezaei also said about the return of the invisible hijab patrol in Mashhad that the 21st camp follows the country’s instructions from this point of view. He also said about the publication of images in the cyberspace in which it is said that the agents of Amr Be Marouf Headquarters are checking women’s hand lacquers:

The indicators that are examined are in the text communicated to the devices; I did not pay attention to things such as the tightness or looseness of the clothes, the size of the clothes, high-heeled shoes, etc. in these cases, but anything that creates a negative feedback from an Iranian Muslim female employee is included in these indicators. Regarding face makeup, only heavy makeup is prohibited.

Referring to the examination of men’s clothing and in connection with the rumor of the men’s guidance patrol in Mashhad, Rezaei said:

In men’s field, there are also reports of violations, although the number is less. Among these reports was wearing pants with zippers.

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