Permanent filtering of Instagram and WhatsApp According to the statements of the member of the Gorgan parliament, it increases the dissatisfaction of the people. They want to remove the restrictions.

The representative of Gorgan, Gholamreza Montazeri, said: “Due to the threat to national interests, controls are being carried out in virtual space, and my opinion is that after these obstacles are removed and peace is established, these restrictions will be removed and access to virtual space will be possible. »

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Permanent filtering of Instagram and WhatsApp

Zahra Zahrvand said: “Due to the recent events in the country, we are witnessing the restriction of people’s use of virtual space, especially WhatsApp and Instagram programs, which have become a place for people to earn money in the last few years. Therefore, following the sudden filtering of these programs, many businesses have suffered losses and some of them may even lose their jobs.”

Permanent filtering of Instagram and WhatsApp

in search for Shutdown of online businesses Business owners have started selling their products on the side of the streets or subways to meet their financial needs.

According to the Tehran Electronic Commerce Association, considering the destruction and endangerment of more than 400,000 online businesses and the occurrence of numerous problems for the people and the contradictory statements of the relevant officials, people’s question about the permanent filtering of Instagram and WhatsApp is that Are these apps permanently filtered or not?

Gholamreza Montazeri, a member of the Parliament’s Cultural Commission, said in his interview with Ekhtaz 24:

Due to the fact that the virtual space is a very serious and optimal platform for the country, but applying restrictions in this space, based on national cases, is considered a natural thing in any country.

Regarding the permanent filtering of Instagram and WhatsApp, he said: “Due to the threat of a series of national cases, controls are carried out in the virtual space, which is my opinion that, after removing these obstacles and establishing peace, these restrictions have been removed and It is possible to access the virtual space.

According to the representative of Gorgan, if according to Applying restrictions in cyber space Yes, it is better that the reasons for this decision be clearly announced through the media so that it is clear that neither the government nor the parliament is seeking to close and limit this space.

The opinion of the Cultural Commission on the permanent filtering of Instagram and WhatsApp

Montazeri said in this regard:

Our opinion is the same and now our specialized teams are searching and investigating various cases to solve this problem as soon as possible. In fact, it is expected that according to the national interests and the removal of obstacles, people will be able to use this space and people who work in this field will not have to worry. Of course, this possibility is also provided in internal messengers, but users expect more. We understand these issues and if we ourselves had a business in this space, we would be counting the minutes to change the conditions.

Permanent filtering of Instagram and WhatsApp

The member of the cultural commission mentioned the following:

It is necessary to cooperate collectively in this field in order to improve the country. So we have to play our role properly, otherwise problems will arise. For example, the police has nothing to do with a driver who has not committed a violation, but as soon as he commits a violation, he creates problems for the police and others.

He went on to say: “Based on the general rules, it is necessary to remove these limitations by removing the obstacles, so we must pay attention to the fact that just as there are a number of rules in the real space, these rules should also be followed in the virtual space. be observed “Our opinion is that the restrictions will be lifted, but we do not know when.”

Montazeri pointing out that Instagram filtering has caused these businesses to be dragged to the subway or the street, he said: “In order not to increase dissatisfaction, it is necessary to determine a specific time for the continuation of filtering and the officials to speak frankly and even if it is to be extended, It should be informed again to avoid inappropriate judgments.

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