Ali Asghar Anabestani, a member of the Islamic Council, claimed in his latest statement that Instagram after filtering The conditions of Iran to continue the activity have been inquired.

More than two months have passed since the start of the unrest in the country, followed by the imposition of severe internet restrictions. Beyond all the losses that internet restrictions have caused for businesses, Instagram and WhatsApp filtering It has caused important problems for many online businesses and even ordinary people, and fewer users are willing to migrate to similar domestic examples.

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Instagram asked about Iran’s conditions after being filtered!

From the very beginning of the filtering of two social networks, WhatsApp and Instagram, when discussing the conditions for removing Instagram and WhatsApp filters, the officials only mentioned one impossible condition; Acceptance of Iran’s conditions by these programs and of course having representation!

Even though it seems unlikely to even think about accepting Iran’s terms, or even Instagram’s willingness to talk to the country’s officials to activate representation in Iran, recently one of the MPs said in a conversation with Event 24 about Instagram’s question about Iran’s conditions.

Ali Asghar Anabestani announced that Instagram consumes 50% of the country’s bandwidth and accordingly it should accept our frameworks. he emphasized People should be sure that Instagram will adapt itself to Iran’s lawsAnabistani added:

After being filtered, Instagram sent a message and asked about the situation in Iran.

Member of Parliament: Instagram inquired about Iran's conditions after being filtered!

According to this MP, the Ministry of Communications and the National Security Council are investigating this issue. He has also considered systematizing the virtual space as a necessity: “A person who has several thousand followers must know his field of work, the structure in which he wants to speak, and take responsibility for what he says. This means systematizing the virtual space.

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