Mehran Ahmadi , Considered the situation of cinema bad and stated that cinema will probably disappear in the next two years. The actor, after the release of the movie “The Sixth Day”, which was screened for the first time on Friday, July 3, in two chances, said that the situation in the cinema was not going well.

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The movie “The Sixth Day” was screened in the presence of Hojjat Ghasemzadeh Asl and other actors. The warm welcome and presence of the spectators made Hojjat Ghasemzadeh Asl thank them for their enthusiastic presence. He said: “I am very happy to meet people and spectators in person here and added, from all those who, with the available traffic and these difficult conditions, chose the movie” Sixth Day “to watch. Thank you very much. He told the audience that he hoped they would enjoy watching the film to the fullest.

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Mehran Ahmadi comments on the situation of cinema

One of the well-known actors in this film was “Mehran Ahmadi” who, in addition to thanking the audience, said that the situation of cinema is not very interesting and good these days. “If this is the case, all cinemas will be destroyed in the next two years and we have to look for something else,” he said.

Mehran Ahmadi comments on the situation of cinema

Mehran Ahmadi continued:

By the way, I am a good cook and I may be able to cook instead of working in the cinema in the future, but I still hope that the situation in the cinema will be better and that the audience will enjoy watching the film.

Regarding the movie “Sixth Day”, Ahmadi said that all those involved and actors, in the first movie of a director, always do their best to be better. The movie “Sixth Day” is one of these movies, because everyone has tried to leave a good effect in this movie.

Bahareh Afshari, one of the actors in the film, said that due to the bad economic situation, people do not prioritize going to the cinema. It is very valuable that you have come to the cinema now with these difficult conditions.

Mustafa Zamani, the next actor, said, “17 years ago, I went to different offices to take acting tests.” One day I went to Mr. Qasemzadeh Asl to audition, and he said at the time that he was optimistic about my acting future. They also said at the time that they had to use famous actors to play roles in the series, otherwise they would definitely have chosen me to play the role. Now, years later, I was able to star in a film he directed.

Other actors in the film, Mohsen Mosaferchi, the broadcaster, and Mehdi Hosseini Nia, Bahram Ebrahimi, Niloufar Koukhani, and other actors, were also present in the cinema. They also thanked the people for their colorful welcome and presence.

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