During the past months, the issue of satellite communication of smartphones has been the subject of many news in the world of technology. Now it seems that the Mate 50 satellite communication capability has been confirmed.

Over the past few months, there have been numerous reports of Huawei Mate 50 series It’s been published. The importance of the upcoming event for the introduction of these phones is that even though Huawei updates the Mate series phones every year, the Mate 40 series on the market was released in 2020, and now the Mate 50 is introduced with a year delay.

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According to Huawei’s previous announcement, the ceremony The unveiling of Mate 50 It will be held on September 15, and as a result, we are not far from the unveiling of this product. However, recently an interesting revelation about the Mate 50 has been published.

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Mate 50 satellite communication capability

In a video related to the Mate 50, Yu Chengdong, the director of Huawei’s business department, officially announced that Huawei is about to release a feature that “faces the sky.” This hint has caused some possibility Satellite connection of the new Huawei phone put forward that if realized, it will happen much earlier than similar cases.

Beyond these speculations, Securities Times has confirmed in a report citing an internal source at Huawei that the Mate 50 does indeed support satellite connectivity. These specifications indicate that Apple is lagging behind its Chinese competitor in this field, even if only by a few days.

Mate 50's satellite communication capability was revealed; iPhone 14 will not be the first!

Ming-Chi Kuo had previously claimed that the Mate 50 series is likely to Satellite communications Released and used to send emergency messages. It should be mentioned that Huawei had previously registered many patents related to satellite communication technologies.

In its new phone, Huawei has made a special effort to comprehensively improve its flagships and return to the market. This brand, which has stopped cooperating with Leica, now presents its new flagship camera with Exclusive camera brand XMAGE introduces Yesterday even The variable aperture of the Mate 50 camera was confirmed which can be an attractive feature for mobile photography lovers.

According to previous reports, this device except the version Mate 50E It comes with the Snapdragon 778G, while all other variants use the Snapdragon 8th Gen 1 4G chip.

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