Makan Band’s imitation of BTS has received a lot of attention on social media and has been widely reflected. Continue with this article to explore more about this issue.

“BTS” is a Korean boy group active in the field of music, which has many fans all over the world. In the last concert of Amir Magara, his flash reading went viral. In addition to his singing, which was criticized by critics, the different cover of this singer also attracted comments.

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A noteworthy point in this unusual cover was Amir Magare’s gratitude to the designer of this dress during the Makanband concert.

Makanband’s imitation of BTS; Amir Maqara: “I made a mistake”

The unusual and unconventional clothing of the young Iranian singer in the field of pop music, who is dressed in the style of a member of the Korean group “BTS”, has caused a stir in the virtual space. Makan Band singer’s wearing unusual clothes caused many negative comments and reactions on Instagram. Amir Magara’s cover in this concert is similar to Jimin, a member of BTS.

Al-Maqara says in this context:

Regarding this particular dress, I must say that I wore this dress in one performance and only in the last three pieces of that performance. I agree that this dress was not a good choice, of course, after the same performance, with the warning of the representative of the Ministry of Guidance, I put it aside and never used it again. In this special concert, we noticed that many people in the hall are coming to our concert for the first time, this happened because of the special discount that we included in this concert.

Unfortunately, these positive things are not seen very much in the cyberspace and they only add to the negative points, of course I also accept my mistake and that was the reason why I put that unusual dress away forever, but I must say that we love it. Give positive energy and good mood to all people with our performances.

Makanband's imitation of BTS;  Amir Maqara:

The Korean group BTS, which was founded in 2009, consists of seven members who were all teenagers when the group was formed. This group has been able to record many successes and gained a lot of fame at the global level. BTS has earned more than a billion dollars through content they upload online and album sales.

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