macOS Ventura operating system Published by Apple. This version of Apple’s popular operating system benefits from attractive features.

macOS Ventura operating system It was finally made available by Apple. This operating system uses new features such as Continuity Camera and Stage Manager. To install Ventura operating system on Mac family computers, go to System Preferences > Software Update.

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macOS Ventura operating system

macOS Ventura operating system It is equipped with features such as Stage Manager for multitasking, which enables editing and deleting messages in iMessage. This operating system also uses another new feature called Continuity Camera, a feature where you can use your iPhone as a webcam.

macOS Ventura operating system

operating system macOS Ventura It was introduced during the WWDC conference. Apple’s macOS Ventura has made many improvements to the operating system’s default apps. For example, the Mail software has the ability to schedule and cancel sending emails. Also, the Spotlight search system in the new MacOS can do things like setting an alert and running a shortcut.

In the new version of MacOS, the Safari browser enters user accounts through passwords. With this possibility, there is no need to enter the password. PassKey functionality Or the same password is used by other companies like Google and Microsoft besides Apple.

Apple has made many changes in the System Preferences section of the macOS Ventura operating system. System Preferences is now renamed to System Settings. It has also made many changes in its user interface. The new design of System Settings in beta versions brought a wave of criticism from users, but probably over time Mac series computer owners will get used to it.

To Install macOS Ventura operating system On Mac family computers, go to System Preferences > Software Update. This operating system is compatible with Mac computers of 2017 and newer models. Along with macOS Ventura, Apple has also made iOS 16.1 and iPadOS 16.1 operating systems available.

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