The Lucky Block platform is holding a 1 million dollar contest. Users will participate in the contest by purchasing one of the NFT works of the Lucky Block collection.

Lucky Block (Lucky Block), one of the most prominent NFT platforms of the cryptocurrency market, has prepared a $1 million reward for buyers of non-homologous tokens.

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Lucky Block Platform Race

The developers of Lucky Block recently released details about $1 million prize published Participants will only be entered into the lottery by purchasing one of the Lucky Block NFTs. The developers of the Lucky Block platform have created a special NFT collection for the competition.

LuckyBlock’s new NFT collection includes 25,000 tokens each priced at 0.254 Binance Coins (BNB). People who buy more than one token will have more chances to win.

How to enter Lucky Block lottery?

Lucky block platform

If you are also interested in participating in the Lucky Block platform lottery, follow the steps mentioned below.

Visit the Lucky Block competition page

The first step Visit the 1 million dollar bitcoin prize landing page Is. Interested parties should click on the “Buy NFT” button to be directed to the launchpad page.

Connecting the wallet to the launchpad

Launchpad encourages investors to connect their cryptocurrency wallets to the site. Lucky Block NFTs will be purchasable with funds stored in the cryptocurrency wallet.

Buy cryptocurrency

Lucky Block is built on the BNB smart chain. Investors should buy Binance Coin (BNB) to participate in the competition. BNB is one of the most popular digital currencies. This popular cryptocurrency will be available for purchase on several reputable exchanges.


After funding the wallet, investors can process their purchases. The user must purchase an NFT and then click the “Buy” button. Each of the NFTs in the collection costs 0.264 BNB. Since the wallet is connected to the landing page, the purchase will be made instantly and the wallet will be updated with NFT.

Getting to know the Lucky Block NFT platform

Lucky Block NFT platform launched in 2022. This platform allows users to connect to a diverse ecosystem of blockchain games. Players will be able to participate in games regardless of their geographical location.

Lucky Block platform It is built on the Binance smart chain. The platform will launch the LBLOCK token this year. Users can access various pools and lotteries by purchasing Lucky Block tokens.

One of the other actions of Lucky Block developers is the launch of Platinum Rollers Club token collection. Users will be granted access to Lucky Block prize pools by purchasing NFT Rollers Platinum tokens.

Since its inception, Lucky Block has continued to organize various pools. Winners of the platform will have access to various prizes such as cash, Lamborghini, residential house and free travel.

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