Currently, the most powerful Lockheed Martin laser weapon is in the hands of the US Army. In this news, we will discuss the purpose of making and specifications of this advanced weapon.

The field of technology and weapons and war technologies are more attractive and prosperous than the past, and humanity has become very interested in war and killing in today’s world. Of course, humanity does not mean ordinary people and citizens of a country; Because decision-making in this matter has always been the responsibility of governments and high-ranking military officials, and ordinary people have been more interested in establishing peace.

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Lockheed Martin is a prominent company in the field of designing and manufacturing military weapons for the US government and army and has a world reputation. This company has now managed to provide the most powerful Lockheed Martin laser weapon to the US military much earlier than the deadline set in its contract with the US Department of Defense. This is the best laser that Lockheed Martin has made to date and has now been delivered to the Office of the Deputy Secretary of Defense.

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The most powerful Lockheed Martin laser weapon in the possession of the US military

Developing and manufacturing lasers is not easy, because these types of weapons have a very complex structure and system. Even in most cases, we have seen that the features displayed in the operational design have not actually been realized; This is because the design and manufacture of lasers is a long-term process.

It seems that the United States Army plans to use this powerful weapon in its new weapons organization. Over the past decade, we’ve seen major advances in lasers at major gun manufacturers. These achievements have led to the practical success of these weapons on the battlefield.

Lockheed Martin's most powerful laser weapon

Laser systems are made for their use in naval, land and aerospace weapons. To improve the performance of these weapons, their systems need to be integrated. These systems include power units, laser generators, beam combiners, concentrator units, targeting systems and other advanced technologies. Therefore, the need to integrate these systems is felt to have a powerful laser weapon.

Other laser weapons that were made by this company several months ago and delivered to the US Navy fleet include HELIOS. Lockheed Martin’s new laser has 5 times the power of the mentioned laser and its power is equal to 300 kilowatts. As a result, the most important system used in this weapon is its solid state laser itself.

Lockheed Martin's most powerful laser weapon

This laser with its huge power of 300 kilowatts will be tested in several experimental projects, including the IFPC-HEL high-energy laser weapon system of the US Army against indirect fire. According to the latest predictions, at the end of this year we should wait for field and laboratory tests of this weapon.

According to Rick Cordaro, Vice President of Advanced Product Solutions at Lockheed Martin, the company has been able to increase the power and efficiency of lasers while reducing the weight and volume of high energy lasers with continuous wave. Therefore, the risk of future field tests of high-power laser systems is also reduced with this approach. In the future, we can see that weapons equipped with lasers will have the ability to engage with larger targets at longer distances due to their laser power. Also, these weapons can neutralize the target faster.

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