Loan payments to businesses affected by filtering It is the priority of the scientific assistant. The loans provided for these businesses will be low-interest and long-term.

The Scientific Vice President stated that the Scientific Vice President, from Knowledge Based Companies and supports startups that have suffered financial losses during recent events. In order to support them, long-term and low-interest loans are provided.

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Loan payments to businesses affected by filtering

Ruhollah Dehghani Firouzabadi said about the internet disconnection and the damages caused to knowledge-based companies: “The Vice President of Science and Technology pays special attention to the issue of internet disconnection and the damages caused to knowledge-based companies and startups, and a decision has also been made in the Ministry of Communications. that a support package should be provided for these collections.”

Loan payments to businesses affected by filtering

Dehghani Firouzabadi continued:

Presidential Scientific and Technological Vice-Chancellor, by assigning Long term loans And Kambareh supports knowledge-based companies and startups that have suffered losses in accidents.

According to him, this era is also passing and young people will continue their business with more strength. It is noteworthy that many of the damages that have been inflicted on Internet businesses are Instagram businesses that do not actually act as startups and only sell their products in the Instagram showcase. Instagram businesses are mostly related to women, and in addition to suffering losses, they have not been taken into account in order to formulate a solution!

According to the existing damages to Instagram business Dehghani Firouzabadi focuses more on startups, and in this case, he has announced that supporting companies that have suffered due to disruption and interruption of the Internet will be prioritized.

Dehghani Firouzabadi launched a group to investigate and identify the companies that were damaged and also to estimate the amount of their damage and said:

The law of knowledge-based production leap has great potential. This law is a progressive law, which is also considered as one of the progressive laws in the field of science and technology protection.

The deputy head of science and technology supports the progressiveness of the science and technology protection law in the situation where the country’s garment union and tourism have been damaged due to the internet interruption and the disruption of access to Instagram.

On the other hand, Dehghani Firouzabadi expressed his hope that the Vice-Chancellor of Science and Technology is currently developing plans to implement the law on the leap of knowledge-based production, and regarding this issue, the second meeting will be held with the presence of the president.

According to Dehghani Firouzabadi, currently one meeting with the president and 5 other meetings have been held to formulate plans for the implementation of this law and about 90% of the implementation plans of this law have been developed.

According to the deputy head of science and technology, the aforementioned law is considered a progressive law, but this drafting of the law is a concern Internet businesses It has not reduced the lack of access to the Internet. New startups and independent businesses have also announced that they have suffered due to the lack of access to the Internet in the past forty days.

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