Lenovo’s impressive profit in laptop sales It is worth considering. This company located in Russia is known as the largest computer manufacturer in the world.

According to the Techradaer website, what makes Lenovo’s impressive profit surprising is the company’s withdrawal from the Russian market in May. Lenovo no longer offers products in Russia, and despite this exit, it still shines at the top of the profitable companies in the region. Lenovo as The best-selling laptop brand In the last year, it has been able to experience a 3% increase in sales.

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Will Lenovo’s impressive profits last?

This company managed to sell 95 thousand computers in Russia in the first half of this year. This sale was while the company hp which is the closest competitor of Lenovo, sold 80 thousand units. Lenovo with 215% revenue growth in 2022 In the last three months of the year, it was able to sell 61,000 more devices than in previous years. Of course, experts believe that with the withdrawal of this company from the Russian market, Lenovo will face a big fall.

Lenovo's impressive profits

It should be noted that one of the consequences of Russia’s attack on Ukraine was the withdrawal of many software companies such as Google and Microsoft, along with payment service companies such as Visa and MasterCard, from the Russian market. These events and the sudden withdrawal of companies from Russia caused a lot of damage to Russian consumers.

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