OviO has come up with an innovative solution to improve the gaming experience of blockchain users. Setting up OviO platform Communication between games Web2 and Web3 increases.

OviO new generation cryptocurrency ecosystem, value transfer between space Web2 and Web3 makes it easier than ever. This ecosystem is designed with the aim of making the gaming experience smoother in decentralized games and also making the resources of the games more efficient.

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OviO platform launch

According to published data, OviO platformintroduces new solutions to make the ecosystem of decentralized games more flexible and powerful. In general, all blockchain games that integrate with OviO will have better speed and performance.

OviO Credits It is called a set of functional and unique assets. Gamers can purchase discounted in-game currency using OviO credit. merge OviO Credits feature It will also improve interoperability between products.

Launching the OviO platform: a bridge between Web2 and Web3 games

Nir Hauer, one of the founders and CEO of OviO highlighted the revolutionary character of his product and its importance for the next generation of Web3 enthusiasts. In this regard, he said:

Our mission is to provide the best cashing experience to gamers and crypto communities using a dedicated gaming token. Ovio Credits allow users to access all game tokens, domains, chains and topics.

According to Hauer, society OviO platform gamers They will get the best experience from blockchain games. Other features of the OviO platform include rare in-game items, great game token discounts, and low conversion rates for the most loyal customers.

The OviO platform has been launched in collaboration with a team of cryptocurrency advocates along with a high-level advisory board. Among those present at the launch of the OviO platform are Doran Kagan, a veteran video game entrepreneur in the Web2 and Web3 ecosystems, and Tal Shoham, former CEO of Huuuge Games and IronSource board member.

OviO platform So far, it has launched successful games such as Impossible Space and Trial Xtreme. This platform recently unveiled its native application for Android devices. The software for iOS will also be released in the fourth quarter of 2022.

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