Due to the adjustment of Balad’s force and saying goodbye to dozens of employees of this platform, The possibility of closing the router It has gained strength. This issue can be guessed from the published statement.

Beled announced in a statement that Paban Sal will provide map and router services to its users, which is a sign of The uncertain future of Balad router has it. On the other hand, in this statement, Hajar Dostan Group has announced the farewell to some of its employees, referring to the current conditions and the adjustment of the workforce of many startups.

Although the Beled platform has not directly mentioned the end of its work, but by paying close attention to the statement published by this platform, one can see confusion and uncertainty in the body of this startup. In this statement, there are direct references to the lack of investors and retrenchment.

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The possibility of shutting down the Balad router became stronger

In this Beled statement, we read about the current ambiguous atmosphere and the narrowing of the field for startups, a complaint that is the heart of many internet businesses these days. In this statement, referring to the effort to transfer people working in Beled to other companies of the group, it is stated:

“We are sorry for the conditions that have arisen for our colleagues and we are using all our efforts and that of other companies in the group to make the transfer of these capable and talented people in the group less difficult in the current difficult and ambiguous environment. We guarantee the service provided by Beled map and router to its users until the end of this year. At the same time, we will soon provide more detailed information about the future of this product and its consequences for the millions of users who have trusted it all these years.”

The uncertain future of the Beled platform

In the era of Corona, the Beled platform managed to provide various capabilities and had a successful and extensive performance in guiding users to vaccination centers. But on the other hand, it could not fulfill many promises of company managers to implement more features.

The period of reaching profit and income in platforms is a long process and it seems that in addition Internet disruption problems, the existing difficult conditions are also important reasons for the uncertain future of the platform. According to what has been heard, Beled has decided to spend most of his energy on internal consumption in Hadling Hazaradastan by providing services to domestic startups such as Wall. In addition to these rumors, the possibility of selling this platform is not unlikely.

Although any decision about the life or death of this platform is postponed to the future, but based on the statement of Beled, we understand that serious dissatisfaction with the state of Internet restrictions and the uncertainty of the startup ecosystem, especially in the “exit” debate, strengthens the possibility of the closure of this router.

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