Kia Co Kia Sportage fire hazard He informed and said that Iranian owners should be careful. Of course, the probability of fire in these cars is only one percent.

Kia Co Due to the possibility of fire in a number of its products, it has issued a notification, during this notification, the possibility of fire is apparently rooted in the insulation of the hydraulic control electronic module (HECU) and includes 71704 Kia ​​vehicles It is for 2008 and 2009 models. There are a large number of the mentioned models in Iran, and it is possible that this announcement includes their status as well. As a result, it is better for the owners to carefully check this part in the cars.

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Kia Sportage fire hazard

According to Kia’s prediction, the possibility of danger Kia Sportage fire It is only one percent, however, the Korean company said that until this problem is solved, park your cars outside the parking lot and in the open space so that nothing bad happens.

Kia Sportage fire hazard

The interesting point is that this announcement has been issued for the second time by Kia. According to the previous announcement, in 2016, this announcement included the 2008 and 2009 models, at that time, the reason for this announcement was water leakage and the possibility of a short circuit from a pipe. Note that this defect causes fire in severe cases.

According to the available data, according to the announcement of 2016, about 15 devices Kia Sportage They have suffered melting and damage due to high heat. In the following, 8 other devices also caught fire, fortunately, no one was hurt.

According to Kia engineers, the presence of this defect in the middle of August this year in the Sportage model 2008 and 2009, after a detailed inspection of a customer’s car, it was determined that this defect existed in the HECU insulation.

Another 15 reports were reported as of September 2, indicating a failure in the electronic module of the hydraulic controller of several machines Sportage It was old. Following the announcement of these reports, the Koreans decided to start an investigation to solve this problem and discover the root cause, which is still ongoing by Kia.

According to the above and considering the importance of this model of Sportage in the country Iran There is also, it is not yet clear how the owners are going to receive the necessary services. The important point is that the fire of these models has also happened in Iran.

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