Kevin Spacey acquitted of sexual assault With the decision of the New York court, Anthony Rapp’s lawsuit against Kevin Spacey regarding the accusation of sexual assault was dismissed.

According to CNN, in 2017, “Anthony Rapp” claimed that “Kevin Spacey Fowler” asked him for sex during a meeting at a Manhattan party in 1986 and approached him. In 1986, Anthony Rapp was 14 years old and Spacey was 26 years old. Anthony Rapp sued Spacey for $40 million in damages. But today, Kevin Spacey was officially acquitted.

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Kevin Spacey acquitted of rape!

This is not Kevin Spacey’s first accusation. During a separate case, Spacey has been accused of 5 sexual assaults in the United Kingdom, and the trial of this case will be held in June 2023. But regarding the court of Anthony Rapp, the case with Kevin Spacey acquitted It reached Paban. At the end of this case, the New York court declared that “Anthony Rapp” failed to prove his claim of sexual assault.

Kevin Spacey acquitted of rape!

But the accusations against this actor did not go unanswered and after Kevin Spacey acquitted His professional life seems to have fallen. The actor, who has 2 Oscars, was removed from the series “Khane Pushali” after these accusations. The movie “Gore Vidal” is also in line with the same accusations, although acquitted! Filed by Netflix and also Spacey was fired from playing the role of Genghis Khan in the movie “1242: Heaven’s Gate”.

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