Kehan’s sharp attack on Iranian startups Including Snap and Digikala regarding the hashtag, Mehsa Amini leaves this question empty in the ecosystem: Why is the only concern of the fundamentalist newspaper Kihan is hashtagging startups?

It seems that the concern of the fundamentalist newspaper Kihan these days is more in the current chaotic situation of the country’s Internet Hashtag startups has been diverted In a sharp attack on some Iranian startups, this newspaper raised the issue of hashtagging Mehsa Amini by these startups and accused them of bias during its strong criticism of the lack of hashtagging of startups regarding the Shahcheragh terrorist attack.

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Kehan’s sharp attack on Iranian startups

The chaotic situation of the Internet in the last one and a half months has disrupted the working conditions of many startups. Many startups have either gone to the brink of destruction or have been destroyed; The rest are struggling to save themselves in the darkness of the created space. All this is while the fundamentalist Keihan newspaper summarizes its concern only in hashtagging or not hashtagging startups.

Kehan's sharp attack on Iranian startups

After Mehsa Amini’s death, many startups hashtagged his name. The startups that tried to use Mehsa Amini’s hashtag include: Digikala, Aparat, Myket Software, Cafe Bazaar and Zarin Pal, Shipur, Jabama, Alibaba Travels, Divar, Snap and Tapsi, Yekta Net and Ezki, which were related to Mehsa Amini’s death. They reacted in the form of poetry or writing. The reaction which has now been angered by the newspaper Kayhan after the attack on the shrine of Shahcheragh.

Kihan writes in this regard:

Navitex, Flightio, Tapsi, Ezki, Yekta Net, Snap, Divar, Fidibo, Javane VC, Alibaba Travels, Jabama, Shipur, and Bitpin were among the other companies that came to the field very quickly and made a splash in the virtual space. But now spare a word of condolence!

Kahan: Some startups provoke public opinion

Kehan’s sharp attack on Iranian startups In the current situation, it can only do one thing, and that is to worsen the working conditions for startups who are flexible in order to survive and try to maintain what they have achieved.

Kahan: Some startups provoke public opinion

Kayhan, of course, continues to write: “Our purpose in expressing these issues is not to destroy any of the mentioned companies that have been able to create jobs in addition to providing services. But the question that is raised today is this: In the current situation when the country needs peace, harmony and empathy, what is the reason for that behavior, which was actually a kind of public opinion incitement?

Kayhan continues: “Why are these companies still silent about the Shahcheragh terrorist incident by ISIS, which led to the martyrdom and injury of a large number of our compatriots after nearly 10 days have passed?” Isn’t this contradiction of behavior fueling the atmosphere of discord in the society? Why did they fuel the issue of Mehsa Amini’s death before the announcement of the forensic theory and inflame the atmosphere even more, but on the other hand, we still witnessed their silence regarding the terrorist incident of Shahcheragh?”

Keihan has also contacted all the startups he wants to find answers to his questions. But it seems that none of these startups have given the desired answer.

This newspaper writes about the interview with the startups: “We went to these collections to answer these questions, which can answer many ambiguities, and in a general conclusion, none of them had a convincing answer.

An email was sent to DigiKala and this question was asked, but still no answer has been received. Despite several calls from IRNA’s reporter, Filimo has not yet responded.”

Cafe Bazar announced: “The management of the collection does not have the desire to be interviewed on any issue at the moment.” We also went to the suppliers, who stated in the phone call that the IRNA reporter had with this group that they will have an interview in this regard on Saturday.

“Snap, Snap, and none of these digital business companies have yet given a convincing answer to this question, and in fact, this action can be considered a kind of escape.”

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The last word: the sharp attack of the universe on Iranian startups: salt on the wounds of startups

We know that under the existing conditions, the tree of Iran’s technology ecosystem has taken a big wound. A wound that is still bleeding and the exact time for its treatment cannot be announced.

The digital economy of the country has collapsed due to the internet outage and many businesses and startups have been destroyed or have no reason to continue in this situation. According to experts, the startup space is the space for growth and if the startup does not grow, it will practically disappear.

In the meantime, very successful startups that have been able to find a firm foothold to maintain themselves in the last few years, are now being attacked by the newspaper Kayhan, and the question arises, why should Iranian startups suffer a psychological state for their every move?

Another question should be asked here from the newspaper Keihan: have you supported the country’s startups, which are actually the capital of this country, and now you want their hashtag account?

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