The James Webb telescope is still imaging various planets James Webb’s first picture of Mars published that provides a detailed view of the Red Planet’s atmosphere.

James Webb Space Telescope It is still imaging the various planets of the solar system, and in its latest image of Mars, detailed details of the planet’s atmosphere have been revealed.

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James Webb’s first picture of Mars

According to a joint report from NASA and the European Space Agency, the information using Near infrared camera (NIRCam) James Webb’s acquisition of Mars has some major surprises. For example, the Hellas basin is strangely darker than its surroundings during the hottest time of the day. The high air pressure in the lower latitude of this basin has also prevented heat leakage.

James Webb’s capabilities have also made it possible for space agencies to use the telescope’s spectrometer to detect near-infrared compounds. The atmosphere of Mars be aware The spectrographic map of this planet also shows that Mars absorbs carbon dioxide in different wavelengths. This photo also shows the presence of carbon monoxide and water. Other future research is going to provide us with more information about the chemistry of this planet.

James Webb's first image of Mars was published

Considering that the James Webb space telescope was built to observe the most distant celestial objects, observing Mars as one of the brightest planets in the field of view of this observatory was not an easy task. To solve this problem, researchers have reduced the exposure time and are busy analyzing their findings with special techniques.

Giuliano Livezzi, a scientist at NASA’s Planetary Systems Laboratory at the Goddard Space Flight Center who was the project’s principal investigator, pointed out the differences of opinion about The presence of methane on Mars It says that James Webb can easily put an end to these controversies. He says this material is very important because it provides a lot of information about the geological processes of the planet. In addition, this substance can be a possibility The existence of ancient life on Mars show us

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