The head of the passive defense of the country, while explaining the situation of social networks in the country, from Huge fines that for Social Networks At Western countries It is intended to speak.

Sardar Jalali said: If people are in relation to Social Networks or any other issue in the country, they can protest on the platform Law to announce The same social networks have representatives in other western countries and for this reason in the last year Huge fines It has been cut off for them, but they operate freely in our country.

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Social Networks

Sardar Jalali, head of the passive defense of the country He added: “The fact that the Zionist regime, hypocrites and all enemies are lining up and leading the protests shows that this is a The protest is organized. The infrastructure of cognitive operations and management to public opinion is the first tool Social Networks are.”

Sardar Jalali said:

The two platforms that are active in our country are not allowed in other countries to publish military training, calls and violent behavior. These have been transformed into war equipment machines. They have no obligation to maintain our security, they have no representation in our country, and in fact, they have become a factor of pressure and influence on the minds of our people and the organization of people against their own people, which is known in the scientific literature.

Social Networks

He pointed to French yellow vests He said: “Macron sued the Californian Internet because it was inciting the yellow vests against the French people and then blackmailing the French government that France finally said we will build our own national Internet.” In the previous government, we had challenges in these simple concepts and 85% of Internet own this Platforms We placed it without any obligation.”

The inactive defense chief continued:

Where is the borderline between social protest and rioting? The way you deal with the police is that you don’t have the right to touch the police in England and France, and if they feel that you have a cold or hot weapon, they will shoot you on the spot. Going to the stage of destruction is no longer a social protest.

This military official said: “In Europe, there is a law called the protection of citizen’s rights Cyberspace There is a Persian translation Protection law in parliament Was. If we pass the same European law, it will be much more severe than our protection plan. Does presence in cyberspace require a law or not? If he doesn’t want to, he can be the same in the virtual space where everyone spreads a rumor and inflames the space.”

Social Networks

He revealed:

This shows that there is no rule, while if there is a rule, you should be responsible for your words. This cognitive atmosphere caused the representatives to stop the law. When the atmosphere is lawless, everyone allows themselves to say anything and do anything, and this can disturb the security of the country.

He pointed to Filtering social networks He stated: “The action that Ministry of Communications It was a smart move because it filtered out two problematic platforms. To National Security Council It was proven that these two platforms are a threat to the country’s security and contrary to the statements that were said, by the way, all internet spaces are open.

Sarda Jalali in particular Filtering social networks Landing:

The control and restriction of these two platforms was based on security incidents. We killed nearly 60 people, which was a significant number that the security areas should have decided on. In the Supreme Council of Cyber ​​Space, it was decided that the Ministry of Communications will help domestic messengers so that businesses can operate in these spaces.

He continued: “A working group was also formed to consider tax exemptions for people’s jobs in these spaces. Of course, it will take time, but we hope that they will be replaced quickly, and until today, these internal messengers have been well received.”

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