Jalal Maggi passed away. Jalal Maggi, the host of the famous program “Didniha” and a well-known speaker in the dubbing arena, died at the age of 81. Continue with duplicate be with

glory Born on August 2, 1320, he was an Iranian dubber, announcer, dubbing manager and actor. Jalal Maggi became famous because of the performance of the “Sights” program. Jalal Maggi was born on August 2, 1320 in Tehran, in a family originally from Kashan. He started his artistic activity from a young age by playing in the theater and then, encouraged by Haider Sarmi, he entered the field of dubbing in 1337.

Jalal Megaki passed away. The lasting sound of Iranian dubbing was turned off

He died an hour ago due to cardiac arrest. It is said that he died of cardiac arrest. The official page of Iranian dubbing announced the death of Jalal Maggi with this news. Amir Atrechi and Sharare Banki, dubbing artists, also confirmed the authenticity of this news in interviews with ISNA.

Jalal Maggi passed away, Jalal Maggi passed away.

The details of the funeral ceremony of Jalal Megaki will be announced in the coming days.

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