For some time, the issue of Tiba and Samand’s departure from the standard and their lack of license plates has been in the news. But now Saipa has announced the conditions of Tiba license plates.

News a while ago Lack of license plates of Tiba and Samand cars It was officially announced. At that time, the reason for this issue was the lack of necessary safety of these cars according to the National Standard Organization. An issue that provoked many protests.

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Tiba license plate

Regardless of the problems caused by the lack of Tiba and Samand license plates for the buyers of these products, the order continues Stopping the production of Tiba, Samand, 405 and Saina And then talk about Possible alternatives of these 4 carshas provoked many protests and many believe that the basket of economic products in the Iranian car market is now much more limited than before.

Now, however, it seems that Saipa has announced a method for numbering tiba, during which, with some safety reforms, registered tiba are numbered and delivered to buyers. It seems that this is the result of the agreement between the Ministry of Safety and the National Standard Organization with Saipa so that the buyers of these products do not suffer.

It is possible to plate Tiba with this method;  Special conditions for sold cars!

According to the Director of Public Relations of the National Standard Organization, several technical and safety measures have been considered for Tiba, which are carried out under the supervision of the inspection company and by Saipa, so that the defects of these products can be fixed and numbered. Saipa is obliged to provide special after-sales services for the buyers of this car for free.

Of course, it goes without saying that even with the elimination of defects, Tiba is not going to return to Saipa’s product line and product portfolio. With the removal of old cars, the lack of economical cars is strongly felt in the market. Of course, Iran Khodro and Saipa are trying to supply replacement cars for these 4 products. But the alternatives are said to be far more expensive, which has itself drawn criticism. Of course, there is little hope that with the liberalization of car imports and the supply of cheap cars to the market, the situation will take on a little bit of stability.

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