These days, one of the most important issues in Iran’s mobile market, which worries everyone, is related to the news and rumors related to the ban on the import of phones above 600 dollars.

The spokesperson of the Mobile, Tablet and Accessories Importers Association recently said in a conversation about the latest situation of importing mobile phones above 600 dollars that since May 24, the import of mobile phones above 600 dollars has not been provided with foreign currency and as a result, this import is very limited. in processing.

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Importing phones above 600 dollars

In a conversation with the media, Mohammadreza Alian pointed out that since May 24th, the import of phones above 600 dollars has been disrupted, and he said that during this period, the supply of foreign currency for these goods has not been done. Also, next week, the currency action committee will decide on the allocation of mobile currency above 600 dollars. He said, referring to the import of dropper phones over 600 dollars.

Of course, due to the availability of mobile phone stocks, this situation has not yet affected prices, but if this trend continues, the market will face problems in the future, especially in months when demand increases, such as the beginning of the school year.

Is the import of phones above 600 dollars banned?

The spokesperson of the Association of Importers of Mobile Phones, Tablets and Accessories also pointed to the uncertain situation of importing mobile phones above 600 dollars and emphasized that this situation does not increase the smuggling of goods and added:

Currently, the important issue for this guild is to determine the task of providing and allocating mobile currency above 600 dollars in order to prevent smuggling. Some of the goods are still in the customs and waiting for the decision of the Foreign Exchange Action Committee.

According to Mr. Alian, 1 to 1.2 million mobile devices are sold monthly in Iran. The spokesperson of the Mobile Importers Association had previously said that due to problems related to the supply of currency, the import of iPhones is legal, but not possible, and in contrast to illegal imports, it is prohibited but possible.

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