Iran’s rank in brain drain index It is unprecedented in new statistics. But among 173 countries, what rank has Iran won in brain drain?

Statistics obtained from Iran’s rank in brain drain index It is an unpleasant incident. Iran has won the 96th title among 173 countries in the brain drain list. Although the name of Iran is not in the top ranks of this list, it cannot be said that this is a good news.

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Iran’s ranking in the brain drain index was announced

All countries with phenomena brain drain And they face the departure of manpower, only their amount is different. A chart from 2007 to 2021 shows the brain drain index among 173 countries in the world with a factor of 1 to 10.

Samoa is in first place with a coefficient of 9.90. Jamaica and Palestine are second and third. rank Iran In the brain drain index, it is at the average level with a coefficient of 5.30, which is on the 96th step.

Iran's rank in brain drain index

The ranking of some other countries is as follows:

Iraq 58, Pakistan 72, Ukraine 80, Croatia 82, Georgia 89, India 90, Romania 94, Poland 113, Malaysia 114, Turkey 126, Hungary 127, Greece 130, South Korea 140, Saudi Arabia 143, Japan 157, England 151, Israel 152, Netherlands 154, UAE 155, France 156, Germany 157, America 161, Qatar 166, Norway 171, Sweden 172 and Australia 173.

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