Internet speed in Iran It is decreasing day by day. Internet speed reduction statistics in Iran can be clearly seen in the new SpeedTest report.

Internet speed in Iran It’s falling fast in the latest SpeedTest report. It is stated in this report that the fixed internet speed in Iran has decreased by two steps. This is while the speed of the mobile internet has been the opposite of the fixed internet and has reached the 61st rank in the world with 6 ranks. But the reason Reducing the speed of fixed internet in the country What is?

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Iran’s Internet speed in the new SpeedTest report

Speedtest site ( measures the speed and quality of the Internet in all countries of the world and shows the rate of increase or decrease in speed with their ratings every month. The way this speedtest site works is to measure Internet speedit starts with a selected server, which defaults to the closest country server.

Internet speed in Iran

A significant part of the Internet consumption in the country International Internet but the measure of this site is the internal internet of countries and for this reason, experts believe that the data of this site cannot be the correct measure to measure the speed of the internet. Perhaps this is the reason why, despite the restrictions imposed on access to foreign offending platforms in the country, Iran’s Internet speed rating has been reviewed in the last two months. 21 upgrade ranks has been found

This website, to measure the rank and quality of the internet in the countries of the world, from two middle indicators Median and average Mean Uses. “Average” index is the average limit considered from a group, but “median” is the middle point of statistical data.

It shows the latest statistics provided by SpeedTest Internet speed in Iran both fixed and mobile in the month of “October” (from October 9 to November 9) based on two indicators, average and median, have increased, and only the average Internet status The constant has decreased by two ranks.

Improving the status of mobile and fixed internet

Internet speed in Iran

According to the “middle” index, Iran’s mobile internet speed has been upgraded to the 46th position by eight steps Fixed internet It has reached the 141st position with six ranks.

“Middle” Internet download speed Mobile is now 42.95 Mbps, upload speed is 11.39 Mbps and latency is 29 milliseconds.

Jitter delay fluctuations are also other indicators that can be seen in this statistic. Based on this, the amount of delay fluctuations is 9 milliseconds. Also, the “median” download speed of fixed internet is 11.54 Mbps, upload speed is 1.37 and the delay is 29 milliseconds.

Internet speed in Iran

The “average” condition of Iran’s mobile internet also increased in the past month and its position among the countries of the world was improved. Now, the average status of download, upload and delay indicators of Iran’s mobile internet has reached the 61st position with six ranks. At Fixed internet But we faced a two-rank drop and now we are in 144th place.

According to this index, the average mobile Internet download speed is 57.40 Mbps, upload speed is 14055 Mbps, and the delay is 32 milliseconds. In fixed internet, the download speed is 24.25 Mbps, the upload speed is 13.93 Mbps, and the delay is 40 milliseconds.

Now the middle Global mobile internet download speed 33.43 Mbit/s, upload speed 9.05 Mbit/s and delay 28 milliseconds, and in fixed internet the download speed is 72.40 Mbit/s, upload 31.16 Mbit/s and delay 10 milliseconds.

According to the “average” index, the global mobile internet download speed is 84.87 Mbps, upload speed is 15.05 Mbps and the delay is 35 milliseconds, and in fixed internet, the download speed is 145.72 Mbps, upload is 81.81 Mbps. per second and the delay is 18 milliseconds.

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