Based on the news published soon witness Cooperation between Iran Khodro and Russian car manufacturer Autouraz We will work together to produce a car. Read the details of the news in Tikrato.

The willingness of car manufacturers to partner with Iranian parties has been proven. In this regard, it seems that soon witness Iran Khodro’s cooperation with the Russian automaker Autovaz to be This Russian company used to develop Lada products in cooperation with Renault. But now, with the termination of this cooperation, the way to cooperate with Iran Khodro Company is available. Autovaz has now received offers from Iranian car manufacturers. Of course, in addition to the Iranian proposal, this Russian company has received several other cooperation proposals from Indian industries.

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Cooperation between Iran Khodro and Russian car manufacturer

Maxim Sokolov; Head of the AvtoVAZ automobile company At the meeting of the Russian Transport Association, he announced: “This company is looking for cooperation with friendly countries. We have received proposals from the Iranians to produce a joint car. Of course, it is still too early to consider the joint Iranian-Russian car production project as started. “However, we have received some suggestions and we are considering them.”

Cooperation between Iran Khodro and Russian car manufacturer

With this news, we can hope for cooperation between Iran Khodro and the Russian car manufacturer. Iran Khodro had opened sales offices in Russia a long time ago, and now with the departure of international reputable brands from Russian soil, it seems that the way to The presence of Iran Khodro in the Russian market has been opened Russian media have also published news about Iran Khodro’s decision to release the Tara sedan to the Russian market in 2023. Russian media proposed cooperation with Atovaz from Iran Khodro.

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