Head of the Business Environment Improvement Center of Iran Chamber of Commerce, pointing out that Filtering damage for businesses to 150 thousand billion tomans Rusheh said that the Internet is the main platform for businesses.

Ameri pointing out that on average Livelihood of 9 million people to social networks Affiliation has emphasized that the Internet is a major tool for all businesses.

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Filtering damage for businesses has reached 150 thousand billion tomans

The head of the business environment improvement center of the Iranian Chamber of Commerce said that internet filtering and restrictions in the last 2 months have caused a loss of 150,000 billion to businesses. According to Mohsen Ameri, with the presence of Instagram and WhatsApp in List of filtered social networksThere are practically no international social networks available to businesses.

According to Iran Online Room, Aamiri pointed out that it will be two months until one week from now Internet limitation in connecting to social networks We are facing, said:

“More than 50 million Iranian users used these networks. Also, according to the report of specialized authorities, 500 to 700 thousand businesses were operating on networks like Instagram.

Iran Chamber of Commerce: Filtering damage for businesses has reached 150 thousand billion tomans
Iran Chamber of Commerce: Filtering damage for businesses has reached 150 thousand billion tomans

According to available statistics, up to 3 million businesses were active on these networks and the livelihood of 9 million citizens depended on these platforms. Emphasizing that the internet failures of the past two months have caused significant damage, Ameri said:

“Statistics show that more than 80 thousand billion tomans of damage was caused to businesses in Mehr month alone.”

The head of the business improvement center of the Iranian Chamber of Commerce, stating that the estimate of this statistic for two months means Doubling of losses It said to businesses: “Social networks attractive to businesses such as YouTube, Telegram and Twitter were already filtered, and Instagram and WhatsApp were added to the list of these social networks under the filter. “Looking at these conditions, we can practically say that no international social network is available to businesses.”

Ameri, emphasizing that from the point of view of the business environment, the Internet is one Additional tools for business development Nist said: “The Internet is one of the main tools for business development. Currently, the report (Shamkh) related to the purchasing managers’ index report, which is produced by the Iranian Chamber of Commerce, shows the decline of this index in the last month. Pointing out that the drop of this index was accompanied by a decrease in sales and purchase requests for trade unions, Ameri said:

“This issue is mainly related to the inadequacies of the Internet, which has affected the distribution of sales channels, the supply of raw materials and the marketing of businesses.”

According to Amir, incentives such as Advertisement broadcast on television It doesn’t work for small businesses. Pointing to the importance of the presence of the audience of TV ads for small businesses, as well as financing the production of advertising content in TV, he said: “Unfortunately, this support plan will not create interaction with businesses like many previous support plans.”

The head of the business improvement center of the Iranian Chamber of Commerce recalled the comments of the officials in the past months who claimed that the internet is open and available and only some platforms are filtered and said: “This comment is like saying that the road is open and the road to the destination is open.” arrive The truth is that it is not possible to use the Internet under these conditions.” It should be said that in early November of this year The definite loss of the Internet is equal to 80 thousand billion tomans It was announced.

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