Apparently, the next generation of iPhones will come with many changes. probably iPhone 15 Pro It comes with a better camera, USB-C port and 8GB of RAM.

Recently, rumors about the next generation iPhone phones It is heard. Rumors to some of the specifications of the phone iPhone 15 Pro Refers. iPhone 15 Pro will enter the market with major changes in its hardware.

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iPhone 15 Pro

Trendforce Research Company Recently, a report from the series iPhone 15 has published, which shows that Apple will launch 4 iPhone 15 models next year. According to this report, only the iPhone 15 Pro models have the new generation Apple processor called A17 Bionic It will be equipped in other models of the processor A16 Bionic Uses.

According to the Trendforce report, Apple will use 8 GB of RAM in the iPhone 15 Pro model, which is two gigs more than the iPhone 14 Pro. But it still uses the same 6 GB of RAM in the normal iPhone 15 models.

Another change that iPhone 15 Pro It takes advantage of it USB-C port Instead of Lightning. Of course, these rumors are true because Apple has officially confirmed the use of the USB-C port And it’s said to comply with EU legislation on the use of USB-C in phones.

iPhone 15 Pro

TrendForce also improved camera performance iPhone 15 Pro or (ultra) news. According to recent reports, Apple has reached two Pro Max models Periscope camera It goes to provide users with 10x optical zoom. Also, apparently, for the main camera of the Pro models, we should expect to use the 8P design for the lens.

Finally, according to Trendforce, iPhone 15 series to use of Qualcomm 5G modem It continues because Apple is not satisfied with the performance of its own modem. Finally, according to Trendforce, Apple’s exclusive 5G modem will arrive in 2024.

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Release time of iPhone 15 Pro or Ultra

Apple phone is expected iPhone 15 Ultra along with other iPhone 15 models on 21 September 1402 (12 September 2023) and launch it on the market on 31 September 1402. but why?

Unlike many cases in which Apple has an unpredictable performance, the history of this company has shown that Cupertinos have a certain pattern for unveiling their new iPhones. In other words, Apple always unveils its new generation of iPhones on the second Tuesday of September and launches them on the market ten days later.

iPhone 15 Pro

Therefore, September 12, 2023 and September 22, 2023 will be the most likely dates for the unveiling and release of the next generation of iPhones. Of course, this is not always true; Because, for example, in 2020, Cupertinos will unveil their iPhones because Problems in the chain Distribution They postponed it for about a month. On the other hand, iPhones this year A week earlier They were introduced by Apple.

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