According to reports, Apple plans to equip the iPhone 15 with a USB Type-C port; This will be the first phone without Lightning among iPhones.

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Mark Gorman, an analyst at Bloomberg News, said that Apple will launch a number of new products between the fall of 2022 and the first half of 2023. Obviously, these new products include four new iPhone 14 series models. But new news suggests that Apple has decided to launch the iPhone 15 with Type C input after agreeing to use USB TYPE C.

Does producing an iPhone 15 with a USB Type-C port mean goodbye to Lightning?

In addition to the production of the iPhone 14 series, Mark Gorman also announced the production of other products. Three new Apple Watches, several Macs with Apple M2 and M3 chips, Apple’s first augmented reality headset, low-cost and high-end iPads, a new AirPods Pro and a new Home Pod, an upgraded Apple TV are also on the list.

Is the production of iPhone 15 with Type C input a farewell season with Lightning?

All new iPhones released this fall will still have a Lightning port. However, Mark Gorman expects Apple to produce products that support USB Type-C by 2023. As a result, it looks like the next iPhone 15 series will be the first phone with a USB Type-C port. According to Gorman, the new base iPad, which will be introduced this fall, is the first iPad with a USB Type-C port. The iPad also uses Apple’s A14 chip and will have a 5G connection.

Gorman also revealed details about Apple’s Hungarian reality headset. According to him, this device will be supplied with Apple M2 chip and 16 GB of memory. Apple is developing the Apple M3 chip. The flagship processor will be used for the first time early next year. However, it seems that the company is accelerating its plans with the release of Apple M Series. Although it took a while for Apple to launch the M1 series, it looks like it will accelerate from now on.

Gorman believes that the main updates of the iPhone 14 Pro series include a modified iPhone selfie camera. There will also be a new rear camera system with a 48-megapixel main camera in the series. This device has thinner bezels and supports the Apple A16 processor. This processor has a higher speed and is displayed with a new cut. IPhone 13 users do not need to upgrade their phone to iPhone 14; Because there is not much difference between them.

Apple has been committed to the Lightning port for many years. But after years of reluctance, it seems that the company has reached a dead end and accepted the use of Type C port. There is pressure from the European Union and even US regulators to set a global standard. It is easier for Android developers to accept this standard; Because most of them have been using USB Type-C for a long time. Apple seems to be the only loser; Because it has to adapt all its products to a global change and will no longer have its own unique specifications.

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