With the release of the first episode of the new season of the Bleach anime, the Quincys and the Thousand Year War were officially introduced. Stay with Figar to Introducing new Bleach anime villains let’s pay

The return of the expected anime Bleach (The most popular Bleach anime characters) responded to fan expectations with a new anime series based on the latest manga arc, The Thousand Year War. However, those unfamiliar with Tite Kubo’s bestselling manga series may not be familiar with or know much about the new anime villains, the Quincys.

Introducing new Bleach anime villains

Who are the Quincys?

You can list Introducing new Bleach anime villains See at a glance in the list below:

Introducing new Bleach anime villains
Introducing new Bleach anime villains

First introduced in the early stages of the series through Orio Ishida’s character, the Quincys were never developed after that. However, surprisingly, this clan of Hollow Hunters return as the main villains of the final arc, managing to hit the Shinigami even harder than Aizen’s cockroach.

Without giving any spoilers for The Thousand-Year Blood War, in the post Introducing the new villains of the Bleach anime We will have an overview of the story and the abilities of the Quincys to help fans start watching the new season of the anime Bleach with complete information.The smartest characters in Bleach) do So continue with us until Introducing Quincys let’s pay

Who are the Quincys?

Introducing new Bleach anime villains
Introducing new Bleach anime villains

The main difference between Shinigami, Hollow, and Quincy is that while Shinigami and Hollow are spirits that progress to different stages of evolution after death, Quincy are humans who can use spiritual energy (Reishi). Due to their spiritual powers, the Quincys can see various spirits, including predatory halos, and in this way, they dedicate their lives to hunting and destroying them.

However, while the Shinigami “cure” the Hollows and send them back to the Soul Society as pure souls, the Quincys believe that the ruthless Hollows should not be given a chance at redemption. Quincy’s techniques completely destroy the Halo, thus jeopardizing the “balance of souls” among the different worlds (Soul Society, Human World, and Hueco Mundo), maintained by the Soul King.

As a result of Quincy’s actions, there may be more souls in the human world than in the soul community, which is in great danger as life and death intertwine, leading to the eventual end of the world. Quincies have their own unique abilities and fighting methods.

They can absorb reishi in the atmosphere and mix them with their energy to make spiritual weapons, usually in the form of bows and arrows called Heilig Bogen and Heilig Pfeil. This fighting style stems from the fact that Quincys are still human, so their bodies take a lot of damage from halos’ attacks, so they prefer to keep their distance during combat.

Quincys also possess various other powers, including spells and a form called Vollständig, which is similar to the Shinigami Bankai. Quincy’s techniques and weapons are named using the German language, just like halos and arancars are Spanish inspired.

The war between the Quincys and the Shinigami

Introducing new Bleach anime villains
Introducing the new Bleach anime villains, introducing the new Bleach anime villains, introducing the Quincys

Due to their habit of destroying halos, the Quincy quickly turned from simple rivals to staunch enemies of the Shinigami. Hundreds of years before the events of Bleach, the Shinigami decided to destroy the Quincy in order to maintain the balance of souls and prevent the catastrophe known as the Collapse of Worlds.

After a bloody battle, Pepys defeated the king of the Quincy, Yoach, and was imprisoned. Few of the Quincys survived, and they stopped hunting the Hallows, or at least there were so few of them that hunting them no longer mattered. Viewers believed that Uryu Ishida and his father, Ryuken, were the last remaining Quincys before the Thousand Year Blood War arc.

In fact, after losing a war with the Shinigami 1,000 years ago, the Quincy took refuge in Seireitei, the center of the Soul Society, thinking it was the last place the Shinigami would look for them. They used reishi to create a hidden space called the Wandenreich, the “invisible empire”.

The Quincy family then used the abundance of Rishi found in Soul Society to gather their power, went into hiding, and waited 1,000 years for their king to awaken before launching their attack against the Shinigami.

Who is the King of the Quincys?

Introducing new Bleach anime villains
Introducing the new Bleach anime villains, introducing the new Bleach anime villains

when we want to Introducing new Bleach anime villains Let’s face it, the main focus should be on their king. The “Sealed King” of the Quincys and Emperor Vandenreich is Yhwach, who made his first appearance at the end of the first episode of Bleach: The Thousand Year Blood War. Yhwach is also known as the “Father of the Quincys” because he is the progenitor of their entire line and his blood runs through every member of them.

However, over the years the Quincys began to distinguish between those who were not directly of his blood and those who were of mixed blood. This is how the people who have direct YACH blood are called Echt and those who have mixed blood are called Gemischt. Urio is a gamemishte because his father, of Echt descent, refused to go along with the marriage arranged by his family and instead married a gamemishte.

Bleach fansComparison of the power of Bleach and Satan Killer characters) who will follow the anime will soon find out that Orio and Ichigo’s fates were linked long before they were born. The prophecy seen at the beginning of the first episode of the Thousand Year Blood War refers to the return of Yoach: “The sealed King Quincy will regain his heartbeat after 900 years. After 90 years, he will regain his sanity. After nine years, he will regain his strength.”

So, 1,000 years after being defeated and imprisoned, Yoach returns and the Wandenreich declares war on Soul Society (as seen in episode #1), setting off the events of the final Bleach arc. Without going into spoilers, Yuach is the most powerful enemy the Shinigami and Ichigo Kurosaki have ever faced, and his plan threatens the world by completely upsetting the balance of souls. The ultimate goal of YACH is to create a world without fear of death.

Overall, choosing the Quincies as Bleach’s final enemies is an unexpected choice, but given that the previous arcs focused on the Shinigami and the Hollow, it makes perfect sense. The Quincy are completely different enemies, as they are opposed to the ideals of Shinigami (whereas the Halos are opposed to humans), so their conflict will be more radical than seen before in the series.

Of course, fans can expect exciting battles and epic battles from this anime, but they will also get answers to some old Bleach mysteries, including the origin of Ichigo’s powers.

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