Internet sales of Iran Khodro products In two designs Great sale And One year advance sale And in three formats normal, The plan to support the youth of the population And Replacement of used cars are executed

With the end of the life of the emerging system of integrated car sales and reassignment of implementation Sales plans to car manufacturersIran Khodro Industrial Group, for the second time after the end of the system’s life, from November 5, two special sales plans and a one-year pre-sale of its products in three normal formats, replacing worn out cars and supporting the youth of the population.

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Internet sales of Iran Khodro products have started

After the end of the integrated car sales system, Iran Khodro held the 38th stage of extraordinary sales and pre-sales of its products on October 12 of this year, during which four products were Soren Plus, Peugeot Pars Sal, Dena Plus Turbocharged with six-speed gearbox. and Dena Plus automatic turbocharger were launched on the market with a lottery and a delivery date of three months.

Now, after three weeks, this automotive group has implemented the second sale of its products after the integrated sales plans, starting today.

In the new design Great salefive Suren Plus cars, Peugeot Pars Sal, Peugeot Pars ELX with XUVP engine, manual Peugeot 207 equipped with electric steering wheel and six-speed automatic Peugeot 207 are offered in two colors.

Internet sales of Iran Khodro products have started

Also, at this stage, Iran Khodro sells its products in the form of One-year sales plansTara has offered five products in two manual and automatic models, Dena Plus turbocharged manual equipped with six-speed gearbox and electric steering wheel, Dena Plus Turbocharged automatic and Ranaplus.

The deadline for registration in Iran Khodro’s immediate sales plan is November 1401

Applicants from November 5, 1401 for the duration four days that’s mean Until the end of Friday, November 13, 1401 have a chance By visiting the site Internet sales of Iran Khodro products Go to for initial registration.

You can find the sales circulars of this period, separately from the normal plan, the youth of the population, and the replacement of used cars from This link look. The lottery ceremony of this course will be held no later than three days after the end of registration and in the presence of representatives of regulatory institutions in the conference of Iran Khodro Marketing and Sales Deputy. Also, the lottery ceremony will be held through the Iran Khodro website at, as well as the company’s page at Apparatus It will be broadcast live at ikco_ir.

Iran Khodro designs in special sale in November 1401

At this stage of the sale, three groups of normal applicants, qualified mother applicants under the Family and Youth Protection Law, and used car owners can apply for registration and purchase to participate in the replacement plan for used cars whose conditions have already been announced.

According to the official approval of the Ministry of Privacy, in this plan 50 percent Production capacity to The plan to support the family and the youth of the population And 10% of the capacity is allocated to the replacement plan for worn out cars.

It should be noted that on October 11, the spokesperson of the Ministry of Security, while pointing out that most of the products of car manufacturers, both public and private, have been withdrawn from the lottery process, announced the removal of the integrated car sales system for the sale of car manufacturers’ products and said:

Before we had an integrated car sales system with a lottery process, about 10 car manufacturers offered their products in that format, but now, due to the increase in production and the balancing of supply and demand, the majority of cars are excluded from the lottery. Only Iran Khodro remains, which offers some of its products by lottery.

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