According to the head of the garment union Online sale of clothes Following the recent events in the country and following it Filtering social networks It has almost reached zero and the factories have been forced to retrench

Before announcing this news, news about Big and small internet businesses will suffer due to filtering What happened had been published and economic and social science experts had warned in this regard. Of course, the harm of filtering went beyond Instagram businesses and it affected the stock market, post and bank as well.

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Online sale of clothes

Majid Nami, Vice President of Pashak Union Reaching zero online sales of clothes He says: “During the last two weeks, due to the unrest, factories have reduced their production and adjusted their staff.” Nami said about the state of the clothing market:

“Right now, due to the recent unrest and disturbances, the sale of clothes in our country has decreased to zero in the past month.”

Online sale of clothes

The vice president of the clothing union said in the field of online clothing sales: “Internet sales of clothing have reached zero percent and face-to-face sales at shops and wholesalers have reached zero percent because people do not go to the market for fear of the recent riots, and the stores are mainly or They close their units at certain hours.” He added:

“During the last two weeks and with the increase of unrest, factories have naturally reduced their production and adjusted their forces severely, and it can be said that clothing is the frontline of not buying goods in the country.”

He also said about the export of clothes: “There is no hope for the export of clothes to other countries, as the Russian market is completely occupied by Turkey, and there is no infrastructure for the export of clothes for this country.” “Political issues have a great impact on the reduction of production, sales and exports to other countries, so that the export of Iranian clothing to Iraq and Afghanistan has not faced growth compared to the past.”

Stating that the market has experienced a relative stagnation, he said:

“During the past years, there has been no support for domestic production, and there is no plan to prevent the smuggling of clothing into the country, and we are currently facing an abundance of contraband imports.”

And in the end, he said: “All the hope of the manufacturers and sellers of the clothing market is in October and the night of Eid, but despite this, the recent disturbances led the clothing market to destruction.”

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