Hossein Math with reference to Capacities of internal messengers stated that Internal messengers do not have the potential to host foreign users! Read it over and over again.

The chairman of the board of directors of the telecommunications industry union said that Using messengers for group communication with specific people regardless of their location or nationality and their permanent or temporary residence for the purpose of personal, social, economic and cultural communication that internal messengers No such capability are completely and therefore cannot Facilitator of international communication to be

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It is impossible to impose domestic messengers on foreigners

Hossein Riazi, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Telecommunication Industry Syndicate, in particular The performance of internal messengers He said: “The use of messengers for the purpose of establishing group communication or with specific people, regardless of their location or nationality and their permanent or temporary residence, is for personal, social, economic, and cultural communication, which internal messengers do not have such a capability completely. They have problems communicating with people or companies who do not have Iranian mobile numbers and are not Iranian, or who are Iranian but live abroad, and therefore cannot facilitate international communication.

  Internal messengers

He also continued: “Because of the facilitation that foreign messengers do in economic, educational, industrial, and commercial relations, many economic activities have been formed on them, and the restrictions imposed on some foreign messengers have created an obstacle for the country’s economic growth, which The result is a decrease in the growth of exports and economic activities in the country, and therefore it should be managed in such a way that the restrictions are removed.”

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