The joint cooperation between Iran and Russia continues with all seriousness and now Integration of Russian payment system with Iran It is followed by the central banks of these two countries.

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Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said on Wednesday:Credit payment system And Mir’s domestic Russian debt will soon be integrated with the Iranian Shatab system in order to facilitate mutual exchanges. The Deputy Minister of Economic Diplomacy of Iran’s Foreign Affairs also claims that the infrastructure of Iran’s accession to Mir system It will be ready in the next few months.

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Integration of Russian payment system with Iran

Iran and Russia intend Integrating Shatab and Mir payment systems have The central banks of these two countries are working to implement this issue.

Integration of Russian payment system with Iran

Sergey Lavrov in line Integration of Russian payment system with IRAN said:

Regarding the integration and mutual use of the Mir systems of Russia and Shatab of Iran, basic negotiations are underway at the level of central banks. They communicated in July and agreed on some sort of roadmap to get us there.

He talked with Hossein Amirabdollahian in a press conference and said: “I am sure that this will be done soon.” Amir Abdollahian also expressed his hope regarding the solution of the claim problem of these two systems.

According to Rashatoudi’s report, the Deputy Minister of Economic Diplomacy of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Iran, Mehdi Safari, said some time ago that in the next few months, the technical infrastructure will allow connection to the Mir system. Ghorban Eskandari, the director general of banking and insurance affairs of the Ministry of Economy, also said:

Iran can use Mir for financial transactions with Russia in the early stages of cooperation, and then expand its use to settlements with other international partners.

At the beginning of September, there was news that Acceptance of Russian Mir cards by India Released. Meanwhile, Russia is likely to pave the way for the acceptance of RuPay cards in India.

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