Today and a few moments ago, the conditions for the installment sale of car managers in August 1401 were determined. In this plan, all kinds of MVM and Tigo products are offered for sale.

In continuation of its special plans, the Car Managers Company plans to sell MVMX 22, MVMX 33S and MVMX 55 Pro cars along with Tigo 7, Tigo 8 Pro and Arizo 5 in the installment sales plan of Car Managers in August 1401. This installment sale plan is for 12 to 36 months and will start on Saturday, August 1, 1401 and will continue until the capacity is filled.

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Installment sale of car managers in August 1401

In the installment sale plan of car managers in August 1401, MVMX 22 CVT luxury sport at a price of 581 million and 700 thousand tomans, MVMX 33S AT excellent sport at a price of 724 million and 320 thousand tomans, MVMX 55 Pro excellent They will be sold at a price of 933 million and 60 thousand tomans and MVMX 55 Pro Excellent Sport at a price of 953 million and 680 thousand tomans.

Installment sale of car managers August 1401 + design cars

On the other hand, Tigo 7 IE with a price of 1 billion 102 million 820 thousand Tomans, MVMX 22 MT Sport Luxury with a price of 487 million 980 thousand Tomans, MVMX 22 Pro IE Turbo with a price of 641 million 800 thousand Tomans, Arizo 5 Pro IE at a price of 760,900,000 Tomans, Tigo 8 Pro Premium at a price of 1,794,730,000 Tomans and Tigo 7 Pro Excellent at a price of 1,256,720,000 Tomans. will be offered.

In the car managers installment plan for August 1401, the installments are 12 months, 24 months and 36 months. In addition, the facility interest rate is 21% and the delay and cancellation interest is 12%. Car managers will offer these products with a delivery time of 45 working days.

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